Who is the Real Spoiler, Paladino or lazio?

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A couple of nights ago I was featured as a guest speaker at another Tea Party meeting.  I was asked to speak to the group about the current New York governor’s race. First of all, I am completely amazed that I  would be asked to speak about politics and even more amazed that I would know enough about the  political process to articulate it to an audience. Until eleven months ago I was politically ignorant even though I kept abreast of current news but even that was mostly at the federal, not state, level.

I was asked to speak about the new Taxpayers Party Line and what it means to the average “New York Joe Citizen” taxpayer and voter. I began my presentation with a simple question.

I asked the audience, “How many of you sitting in this room tonight believe that Carl Paladino will win the Republican primary against Rick Lazio?”  From a room of 60 plus people at least half or more in the room shot up their hands, including me.

Then I said, “Based on the number of hands that just went up I would have to say that Carl Paladino is a legitimate contender against Rick Lazio for the Republican nomination for the Governor of the State of New York.   You have just stated as such.

Then I said, I have another question for you. “If that is true why is there a double standard when it comes to Carl Paladino’s race for governor and Rick Lazio’s?”  Let’s have a little perspective, please.

If you are a registered Republican or Conservative and you believe Carl Paladino will win the Republican primary are you not equally concerned that Republican candidate Rick Lazio has pledged to remain on the conservative ticket even after he loses the Republican primary?

How is it so many are concerned that Carl will split the vote when the designated New York GOP nominee for Governor has vowed HE WILL split the vote?

Over the last couple of weeks I have received numerous emails from the grassroots smarting over Carl’s flip flop about whether he will remain on the Taxpayer Party Line should he lose the primary to Rick Lazio, September 14.  I know he will not lose the primary but, humor me here.

These emails suggest that Carl will be another “Ross Perot”; splitting the ticket and thus ushering in a sure win for Democrat Andrew Cuomo.  In effect, accusing Carl of being a Republican spoiler.

But I ask you, “Who is the real spoiler?”

Rick Lazio has publicaly pledged to the Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long that he will not step off the Conservative line should he lose the Republican primary to Carl Paladino.  Oh no, he will continue to campaign for the governorship on the Conservative line rather than have to “hold his nose” to endorse Carl.

Why will he do this? To use his name recognition in an effort to  miraculously pull a victory despite Carl Paladino and to insure that the Conservative Party remain a viable party.

No official party is happy when a new line is placed on the voting ballot.  Every new line means a fracturing of the vote by voters.  The more lines the harder parties have to work for each vote. The less votes at the ballot box per line the more risk of losing the Party line completely.

This year both the Republican Party and Conservative Party stands to lose a great deal of voter loyalty to the Taxpayer Party Line and that means a loss of power.

Until now, it was the party bosses who ultimately decided which candidates would be put before the people for election.  Now, average voters are vetting candidates themselves and making more informed decisions. If this trend continues the imbalance in power of bosses over people may be rectified.

The Taxpayer Party is Not a real party, yet.  It is not even a line on the  ballot. But it will be. Once again thousands of grassroots activist are carrying Taxpayer Party Line petitions to secure at least 30,000 signatures for Carl Paladino and other candidates thereby guaranteeing it a place at the table for the November 2 general election.

Even still, in order for it to become an official party for the general election of 2012 it has to garner 50,000 votes November 2, 2010.  And further it will not have any true power until somewhere in 2011 when candidates begin to solicit endorsements and they come knocking on the doors of the major grassroots, Tea Party groups in New York.

Then the Tea Party and the Taxpayers Party will have a platform.  What will the platform look like?

If you want to know what the Taxpayers Party platform is look to the leader of the Taxpayer Party, Carl Paladino. If you square with Carl’s vision for New York and his bold plan to a return of sensible governing then you might consider yourself a Taxpayer Party member.

But why does Carl need this party line anyway?

No governor in the state of New York has been able to win a general election with only one line.  In order to insure that Carl would be able to take on his Democratic challenger,in this case Andrew Cuomo, who will capture votes on the Democrat, Independence,and Working Family Party lines, he is forced to set up an additional line. This new line will capture those angry voters who feel disenfranchised from their democratic, independence, and conservative parties.

Enthusiasm is waning with registered Republican voters too.  They are no longer willing to mechanically vote party line. There are many republicans in the state of New York that will NOT cast a vote on a republican line this year…no way, no how.  There are many conservatives who will not stand by their parties at the voting places and believe it or not quit a few democrats who are angry enough at what they perceive to be weakness in their party and a lack of real vision for reform who will pull the lever for the Taxpayer Party.

What many fail to recognize about the grassroots movement is although for the most part we are registered party voters the reason we have now engaged in political activism is because our convictions and principles supersede our party loyalty and we have had enough of party corruption and arrogance at our expense. We will hold to our principles and if it means disappointing the party, oh well.  We will fight for our convictions and continue to fight even if we do not win all the battles.

Right now, we are on course to insure principled Carl Paladino has an equal shot at becoming a spoiler in this years gubernatorial election.  If its good enough for Rick Lazio to press on even if he loses the Republican primary it should be good enough for Carl.

However, when Carl appears on the Republican line for Governor November 2 and you can’t stomach a Republican “pull of the lever” vote for Carl on the Taxpayer Party line, not on the Republican line, and send a clear message to all the parties, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

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Integrity Restored in George Phillips for Congress

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Almost a year ago my husband and I marched Pennsylvania Avenue with 1.7 million other Americans for the first 9.12 Freedom Works DC Tax Revolt March.  It changed our lives.  Until that day we’d been blissfully living a “regular Joe” life; raising a family, working, and  living morale lives.

From those millions of DC marchers, thousands went home and got to work mobilizing to put the brakes on an out-of-control, arrogant,and defiant White House and Congress. My husband and I were one of those thousands. We formed a local community based 912 Tea Party group.

As we navigated through unchartered waters of Tea Party activism the more politically active we became.  Some Tea Parties and 912 groups are adamantly opposed to the Tea Party participating in the political process other than to educate people about the political process.  Other groups believe it our civic duty to become pro-active or to  accept,without complaint, the outcome at the voting booths this November.

This article is not about the Tea Party.  It is about a man we met along the way of our journey with the Tea Party this last year.  His name is George Phillips and he is running for Congress to represent the citizens of district 22 of the state of New York, of which I am one.  George needs my support and he has asked for my vote.

You may be unaware the Tea Party has been openly vetting candidates for the last several months at local Meet & Greets and Candidate forums.  These events are free to the public and tend to be well attended. Our first encounter with Republican candidate George Phillips was at one of these events.

What struck me most about George was his ease with people, his casual dress and his in-depth knowledge and  understanding of the Constitution and the rule of law, something I was witnessing our state and national representatives knew little about and were less willing to follow.

I’d never seen a candidate up close.  So, I was immediately intrigued as I listened to George lay out his Bold Plan for fiscal responsibility, return to moral principles, term limits, and a strategy to combine government committees and programs in order to diminish bureaucratic waste.  Since, I wasn’t an expert on many of those topics I took notes and resolved to check out his platform for accuracy at a later date.

We extended a visit to George to come speak to our group.  George immediately resonated with our Tea Party.  George is the first candidate I have ever known personally.  Getting to know him and his campaign staff was my first political experience. The George Phillips for Congress team have been true friends to the Tea Party in Congressional District 22-NY.

I simply can’t say enough good things about George.  But, here are a few:

George is a man of tremendous character and integrity.  The more I interact with George the more I see this depth of character in George.

How do I define character and integrity as it applies to George?  I define it according to what I observed in my grandfather’s life and generation.

I tell folks that I consider my grandfather, who left this earth a few years ago, to be the last of the great generation of men who lived by an unwritten code of integrity.

I recently looked up the definition of integrity. Here are the three main characteristics of integrity:

1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.

3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

George fits all three. These things come naturally for George.  He doesn’t have to manufacture integrity. George is just genuinely George, a man of strength, stability, a high moral standard he lives by, and a deep concern for those that he is seeking to represent in DC.

George is just George.  Most of the time I see him, he is eating fast food on the fly…eager instead to get out and shake the next hand, hear the next story from a concerned voter, and struggle to make a scheduled event on time.  I’ve learned candidates are notoriously late, especially the ones that really have a shot at winning the race!

They are so popular their managers over-schedule them.  On top of that when the people connect with a candidate like George Phillips both the average Joe Citizen and George have a hard time stepping away from the interaction.  Every one needs affirmation and encouragement, no matter if you are candidate or voter.  That basic human need connects us.

I have heard the statement, “George is such a nice man” so many times it got me thinking of him as someone like  Mr..Smith, i.e., Mr..Smith goes to Washington.  I have even heard the statement, “I like George so well.  He is so genuine.  I hope he will not change when he gets to Washington and has to play party politics!”

Well, there is no guarantee he won’t. Most of them do. But then some of them become our greatest mavericks like Michele Bachman, Mike Pence, Joe Wilson, Sarah Palin, and Jim De Mint!  The risk of George loosing what I value the most about him; his internal moral compass, self-modeled modest and sound economic principles, and his refreshing depth of understanding about the American History, the Constitution and the problems facing voters in the 22 NY Congressional District.  I’ll take the risk!

George asks, “Have you had enough?”  The growing numbers of New York CD 22 concerned voters say, “YES!” We have had enough!  It is time to unseat career politician and left of liberal Maurice Hinchey this November.

The reason?  They believe George.  They instinctively trust his genuineness. If voters demand a well polished, flashy, freshly tanned skin against shiny white teeth and distinguished grey hair wrapped in expensive clothes than George is not for you.  Unfortunately,these are the things that ignorant voters use to define competent politicians.

George is not a politician. George will become a statesman. George will bring some sorely needed integrity back to Washington. You can count on that.

Check out George’s Bold Plan, volunteer, donate, and vote for George Phillips for Congress!

Elect George Phillips for Congress

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What is going on with America?

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I just can’t get away from it.  I go to bed at night hoping when I awake in the morning it will all be just a bad dream.  I wake up refreshed until I hear a bit of news or read an email and then the wave in my stomach starts rolling again.

It’s sinking in now.  Attempting to stay calm and cheerful in the midst of the massive “fundamental” transformation of my country is getting harder with each passing day.

But news of the proposed Value Added Tax has my usual good nature not feeling so naturally good today.  I ask you, how is this fair?  That 50 percent of Americans pick up the tax tab for an almost 50 percent of Americans that pay NO taxes. And on top of that we can look forward to more of our earned money, whether earned through hard work or just earned (what does it matter, it’s OUR money) will be shoplifted from our wallets every time we decide to help a dying commercial or retail business with a purchase.

Who is pushing this theft and insanity? The President of the United States.  I’m going to say this and say it out loud. Where is the Birth certificate that proves beyond a shadow of doubt he is an American citizen?  Where is it …Where is it….where is it?  I”m not a card toting member of the birther movement. I don’t care where Obama was born. I don’t care if he is Muslim, Kenyan or a subject of the British crown. I don’t care if he is a nobody, an alien or a monarch mind control slave as some crazies suggest. I don’t care!

What I DO care about is that he is sitting in the chair of the highest office of America and he might be one or all of those things; representing me and my family, signing treaties that may sign my liberties away and those of my children and grandchildren. That scares the pee-jeebies out of me!

Who is he, really?

He doesn’t look like any American President I’ve known.  But then again I don’t tend to hang with racial bigots like Jeremiah Wright who pass themselves off as pastors, American flag burners, Constitution haters, civil rights violators, terrorists and attempted murderers like members of the Weather Underground.

So, I ask you “Who is Barak Obama?’

A year ago I was willing to let by gons be by gons.  He won the Presidential election.  I said to myself, “Let’s see how he administrates.”  “Let’s just see if he will do what he promises…transparency and all that crap!”

I didn’t like his policies from day one but I reasoned “Let America have it’s “historic” moment and wash itself of some ill-conceived obsessive guilt we feel we must be cleansed from.  Okay, America, go ahead..let’s take a moment and heal.

Well, healing we didn’t get.  What we are getting is nothing short of recycled segregation not seen in this country in nearly sixty years. There is a parting of the American shining sea and it is NOT parting so we can all pass over to la-la land in happy, skipping bliss, holding  hands singing “can’t we just love one another!”

NO, this parting of the sea is divisive, spiritually and emotionally damaging and, God Help Us, if not stopped may lead to another civil war.  The biggest  propagator of this divisive rhetoric is coming from the man claiming to be the uniter of our country; the one who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and then appears to coerce elected representatives to break and trample it.

I know, I know, he “inherited” this mess.  Someone, give him a blanket and a pacifier. Get over it already!  What about the poor slop who’s going to have to clean up your colossal mess!

Stop apologizing for America to  global bullies! Only a president that either sees America as weak or wishes to weaken America would continue this embarrassing apology tour.

Not only do I not trust you Mr. Obama to keep me safe I don’t think you are legitimate. If you are a true American I am blind, stupid, and ignorant.  I don’t recognize you as an America loving American.  You seem to me to be an imposter and a whiny one at that…adding insult to injury.

I have had enough…from Stimulus bills…to Cap and Trade, to VAT, to seizing our 401k savings, to treaties we don’t know what’s in them… to Health Care bills we don’t know what’s in them… to arms deals with communist nations…to redistributing my wealth by taxing everything I use, own, or want, to seizing banks, land, resources, auto companies,and attempting to silence fair speech…to demonizing honest, patriotic Americans.

Is there anyone you don’t tick off other than terrorists and dictators?

If the election of November 2010 is our rescuer then the real hope I see is that democrats are falling faster that shooting stars. Not only that, they are starting to implode.  Let’s take Harry Reid for instance.  Someone get him to the doctor.  He is delusional.  He is bragging that due to his signing the most massive government entitlement program people actually like him better now?  Is that what this is all about.  Being popular?

Let me get this straight. Harry finds his odds better  being popular with a minority of people carrying a big stick than with the masses of people coming for him with a sling shot and a ballot card!

Madame Pelosi, you are next.  Your Crash the Tea Party campaign is going to crush you.  You can count on it.

Bart Stupak another flying star bites the dust in crater like form.  Coward!  Arrogantly, signing his word away and strapping pro-life American’s with the funding of the atrocity of abortion.  What’s with you Democrats?  I thought you were all about choice?  Where is MY CHOICE to choose NOT to take part in your socialistic, immoral, unconstitutionally mandated insurance scheme!

Mr. Stupak, you are slime as you slink away because you don’t have the guts to fight for your place. Where are your high morals now? What good were you for eighteen years that when the going gets tough you slither away.

God says, and I’m paraphrasing,  “don’t pull up the weeds in the midst of the grass lest you also pull up the fresh grass.”  In this case, the weeds are getting the heck out of the field all by themselves.  Good riddance!

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On the road with the candidate

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If I wasn’t spending so much time creating group and event pages on social networking sites, uploading pictures and current news of the candidate I am supporting I might have time to actually write more about said candidate and my experiences with such said candidate’s campaign!  Whew!

Last Saturday I had a rare treat. A glimpse into the life of a  grassroots candidate on his Saturday tour around his congressional district.  At a previous Meet & Greet for this candidate I had flippantly suggested to his communications director that I would love to be a “groupie” for a day.  Now, I say I said this flippantly because if the communications director didn’t bite on it I could save my dignity and say, “but I realize that wouldn’t be possible since I’m just a little rah-rah girl.” 

However, if this said PR guy did bite on it  I would be able to continue my secret wish of seeing first hand the workings of a political campaign.  He bit. I was scheduled to travel with candidate and staff of two.

My day started at 8:30AM when I put a call into the communications director to ask what the days events were and how I should dress appropriately.  We were scheduled inside and outside that day.  I sheepishly asked, “did I wake you up?”  What a silly question.  “No, was the response..My day started three hours ago with email and news alerts. We are jumping in the car now for our two-hour drive to you!”

My first scheduled appearance with the candidate this Saturday was a phone bank I had set up for him.  I was meeting several other volunteers willing to give two hours to work the phones identifying party supporters. If we identified who the voters are that will vote for our candidate without much prodding it will save campaign funds down the road sending mailings.

At 11 o’clock I arrived at the restaurant.  Twelve wonderful servants showed up to make calls, some nervously. At 11:05AM I received a phone call from my candidate that he was getting off the exit.  He was very excited to meet the folks and get us going on making calls.  We all scurried inside awaited his arrival.

Cheerfully, our candidate greeted us with a short synopsis of his platform and some current news related to his campaign.  He explained the phone bank process and his staff distributed the phone bank lists.  He ordered pizza and soda for the volunteers, answered a few questions, thanked everyone for their time and support and then excused himself to his next destination.

Since, this is where I jumped on the campaign express I kissed my kid, handed his baseball stuff to a friend who was taking him home for me, thanked my fellow volunteers for coming, grabbed my bag and steno pad and headed for the car with the candidate and campaign staff.

Now, the phone bank was somewhat in the boonies and the next event was in the boonies in a different part of the district.  The directions acquired by the communications director would have routed us from the opposite direction.  So, my value on this expedition increased immediately as I was able to direct us via back roads to the protest rally we were heading too.

As we pulled up to the rally we could see about 50 patriotic citizens assembled at the gate of a national wildlife preserve. This group had assembled for what they called a “for the birds” protest rally of wasteful spending of taxpayers money. Money going to haul dirt in to cover a runway so the birds would have a nice place to drop their droppings.

The candidate jumped from the car, almost before we came to a complete stop,  ready to engage the fired up crowd.  Later, his communications director would tell him that was the best speech he had heard my candidate give so far.  The mixture of zeal from the assembled “ticked off” citizenry and the crisp outdoor air added to the energy of the moment.

These generous community minded patriots quickly collected almost 900 dollars for the candidate by passing a hat. That is truly grassroots American generosity at its best!

After a quick walk around shaking hands and briefly answering questions we were back in the car. The communications director refocused the candidate.  The drive to the next event was about 40 minutes.  Enough time to go over the candidates presentation to the protestors. I informed this is “Critique of how candidate did” time. 

The consensus was Candidate had missed on two points and these needed correction.  ‘I give you a strong A for this time with the folks,”  communications director said.  “So do I!” chimed in campaign staffer and designated driver. That was real encouragement to candidate.

“Was there a reporter there?” someone asked.

“Yes.” I replied.  “He was standing to my left.”

My Candidate is trying out a new campaign slogan, “Had Enough?”  In earlier interchanges with voters he had received a less than enthusiastic response but, with this group of outdoor protestors he heard a boisterous “Yes!”  “We have had enough!”

“Next,” mumbled the communications director as he thumbed his blackberry, “we must address the question you will be hearing more often,  What is your opinion of the Tea Party movement and especially the claim the Tea Partier’s are racist?”

My ears perked. I was especially interested in this planned response from my candidate considering I am one of those Tea Partier’s.

Candidate didn’t hesitate and stated, “My response is, It’s wonderful more American’s are getting involved in the process. They may be some inappropriate sayings and signs but for the most part Tea Partier’s are great patriotic people and should be encouraged to continue to get active.”

Good answer.  I smiled.  Isn’t that what I’m doing right this very moment by sitting next to someone who could be described as “the nice guy next door” candidate in his less -then- prestigious car driving around a congressional district I didn’t even realize existed a year ago.

After peeling and eating a banana, candidate asked,  “Do we have time to stop on this leg for something to eat?”  “NO,” was the response.

I had stuffed the other half of a cream cheesed bagel into my bag just incase.  I offered it to Candidate.  To my amazement he humbly accepted it and didn’t waste a beat eating it.  We arrived at our destination sooner than planned and made a swing through McDonald’s for cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and sodas.  I asked, as I unwrapped my sandwich, “is this really chicken?”  I can’t imagine a months long menu of fast food dining!

At senior center voters showed up, paid the entrance fee to hear our candidate and enjoy refreshments.  It was a nice affair with decorated red, white, and blue table, lottery for donated gifts, and generous contributions to the campaign.

Since I knew some of these awesome patriots from earlier jaunts to DC and local rallies and meetings it was a wonderful time of Tea Party networking for me.

After goodbyes  to the senior group and we were back in the car. This car time was the most interesting of the day for me. Early on in the day the communications director informed me that certain things were for “in the car discussion and certain things were Not for out of the car discussion.”  Boy, did I feel important to be “in on” the inside the car discussions!

Minutes later the candidate was stuffing some campaign papers inside the storage sleeve of the back side of the driver’s seat and pulled up a soft baby neck sleep aid.  The stuffing was oozing out of the torn edge.  “This is my son’s,” he said.  “When we are in the car and he is cranky we give it to him to rest his neck on.”  I responded,  “I think maybe we should get little son of candidate a new one!”   “Yeh,” he chuckled.  Obviously, missing the little guy that snuggled the familiar object.

I pondered what it must be like for a husband and father of such a young child to be away so much. It only served to reinforce my high opinion of this candidate.  He wasn’t in this just to win or for the money and prestige.  That reflective star out the window said, “I’m in this because I’m concerned for the future of my family…of my son.”

Rule # 2 of a campaign groupie: Realize that the amount of time, effort, emotional energy, and physical stamina required to win a campaign is doubled for the candidate.  All the more reason to know what his true motive to win is all about.

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Barak Obama, President or Dictator?

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I have a question.  A question many are beginning to mumble out loud.  How do dictators gain power?  It is mind-boggling to me that I entertain such a question.  Never before have I questioned whether the elected president of the United States loved his country and all of its people.  However, in light of the recent ugly battle over the implementation of socialized healthcare I find myself alarmed that the President of the United States is acting less like an American president and more like an American dictator…I didn’t know there was such a thing.

Prospective presidents do not set themselves in front of Greek columns and display openly their intention to be worshipped. (1)

Presidents do not act like mobsters, openly bribing, threatening and politically rough handling elected legislators. Dictators do. 

American presidents who respect the American election process do not warn congressmen/women vote for my bill and I guarantee you will not lose your House seat; by implication a NO vote will be a loss of their legislative career.  I thought the American PEOPLE decide who is elected to represent them not the president. Dictators rig elections to keep themselves in power.

Presidents do not challenge congressman/women; indirectly implying give me your allegiance, follow me,do what I say and I will provide for your most essential need…I will turn on your water.(2)  Ask yourself how an American president has the power to turn the water off in the first place and push thousands of California farmers into bankruptcy. Dictators have that power.

Statesman American presidents do not attempt to seize control of the banks, the auto industry, education, health care, immigration and US borders, trade, and the natural resources of his country to advance his agenda.(3) Dictators do.

American Presidents do not seize control of waterways and refuse citizens the right to fish.(4)  Dictators do.

These are just a few of the “transformations” that have occurred over the last year.  The twists and turns have been so many, now happening by the hour, it would take pages to detail the intricacies,connecting the dots of the Democratic Socialistic coupé taking place. 

If I had all day to list all the things I have learned these past few months about the slimy administration that has infiltrated the very heart of America I would.  However, I don’t have the time.  I must wash up my red, white, and blue shirts; grab my poster board and markers; prepare food; gas up the SUV; and prepare my children that we are travelling to our nation’s capital tomorrow to take our stand with thousands of fellow free Americans.

On the way, I will explain to my children that they may witness the most important historical event of their lifetime…the beginning of the second American Revolution.  The first American Revolution was fought against tyranny from afar. The current American Revolution is targeted at ousting tyranny from within.

Just like the Trojan horse of old…our horse was wheeled right into the heart of our great city, under cover of intentional suppression of truth by media compatriots with the grandest and most expensive of fanfare. The only difference between our “Obama horse” and the Trojan horse of Troy…the Greeks opened their doors of destruction in the blackness of night.  Our undoing is happening in plain sight.

A statesman president would never push his own agenda to such a level that the very people he has taken an oath to protect would be spontaneously compelled to storm his political home with intensity, fearing they are a hair’s length away from losing their freedom.  However, a dictator does not care about personal liberties of his/her people.


I do not believe you are asleep.  You are afraid. You reason, it would be better for you to not know.  You say to yourself, “if I don’t listen I will not know and if I don’t know I am not accountable. If I am not accountable I share no guilt in remaining silent.”

You say to yourself, “What difference can I make anyway?” Well, I’ve got news for you! Two million Tea Party/912 American patriots can not win this war for you all by our selves. Nor should we.

You hear the sirens, you see the fire ablaze in the city, you KNOW there is danger. You are Not stupid, asleep or deaf!  If you are reading these words and feel stirred at all in your heart then you do have a part in this.  Get on your knees and ask God what your part is.

For those of you that know and follow the Bible, God has given us strict instruction in the book of Romans of the New Testament…render to God what is God’s and render to Caesar what is his.  Until this moment I had no fear of what I would have to render to Caesar.  Now, I realize, not only do we have a Caesar in the White House but I may be required to render to him my very liberty and life.

Declaration of Independence, US Constitution… Caesar Barak Obama….your choice…your consequences.





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My Secret Life as a Campaign Groupie

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I have a secret.  Something I think I’ve only ever mentioned to my husband.  I have always secretly wished to work on a political campaign.  Since, I’m the most ignorant of all persons about the political process and the least polished of un-professional politicos my chances of that ever happening were, well, rather slim.

Then Barak Obama was selected as our 44th President and the Tea Party Revolution was born. I’m not sure but I think there were Tea Partier’s around prior to the inauguration of Obama but after that sad day there was NO question that the Tea Party/912 Movement was going to thrive.

I have since wondered why we (my husband and myself) didn’t know about our local Tax Day Tea Party Rally April 15, 2008 but then I remember I was in the Caribbean marrying the first of our three daughters. Our first encounter with the Tea Party Movement was in DC, September 12, 2009, a day I will never forget. If the collective energy of that miles wide gathering had been encapsulated in a rocket booster it might have been enough to launch the Space Shuttle.

As, I have stated in earlier posts my husband and I returned home to our lefty liberal district in upstate NY scratching our heads and itching in other places, wondering what difference we might make.  We immediately felt like the runt ants of the litter in the ant hole. We had no idea HOW to get involved.

Soon we formed a local 912/Tea Party Meetup group. While having meetings and continuing to attend ObamaCare protests and various other rallies encouraged us greatly we became increasingly aware that these events would not bring about the real changes we desired to see in our local, state, and national government systems.

Had our first meet with the Tea Party Movement not also coincided with an election year my secret wish might not be a reality.  Not only is this an election year but this is most likely the most important non-presidential election year in the last fifty years or possibly the history of our young US Republic.

We realized we must pivot and do more than complain about the current state of affairs.  We had to become active and we encouraged the members of our 912 group to consider pivoting with us.  We were painfully aware that we had NOT been concerned citizens soon enough…back when the snowball of crushing tax burdens and loss of liberty was small and not a hair’s length from rolling over us, leaving us bruised, victimized and demoralized.

We had been complacent, ignorant, and too busy to care much, let alone get involved.  I have to be honest, before this last year I couldn’t tell you who my state senator was or my US congressman.  I didn’t even know what congressional district I lived in.  And, Assembly District? What’s that?

I had never gone to a town board meeting, didn’t know that I was supposed to represent my party as a precinct committeeperson in my neighbor, and did not know the name of a single party “who’s who” in my district.

I did, however, pride myself that I knew that the little building in the middle of my dilapidated town was where I showed up once every two years to cast my very important vote.  I felt so relieved each time I entered that building, pulled the lever, and voted, sometimes for people I had never heard of.  But, what did that matter?  I had cast my vote, accomplishing my civic duty because I made sure I cast my vote for my party…right down the line…R?, click, R?, click, R?, click.

Well, not this past election cycle of November 2009.  I got up early that day, drove to the little stone building, and instead of signing in I asked the nice little ole’ lady,who had the auspicious job of making sure I was who I said I was, if I could have a ballot list.  I didn’t even know it was called a ballot list. I asked her for the piece of paper that told me who was running, that’s how pathetic I was.

The little ole’ lady looked a little disappointed I wasn’t going to sign her book…she was desperately trying to stay awake;  not much action in our little town.  “NO,” I said, “I’m not voting just yet but I’ll be back later.”

I returned later to cast my more informed vote after I having googled every candidate on that ballot list and checking them out thoroughly. When I left the stone building that evening not only did I “feel” relieved I had done my civic duty, I “knew” I had done my civic duty.  I was getting smarter.

Now, how does this fit into my secret wish to work on a campaign?  Well, as I educated myself about the candidates on the ballot that day I began to explore what candidates were running in the 2010 elections. I educated myself about my state senators, my state congressmen, my assembly district, my US senators and US congressmen. I shared this information with my husband.

About that time another Tea Party group in our region was having a Meet & Greet for a candidate running  for Congress representing our district.  He is running against a nine term incumbent congressman who is, to say the least, a career politician and did not host one Town Hall Meeting in the summer of 2009 when we, his constituents, needed to hear from him and voice our concerns about the presidents supposed bill to improve the care of our health. I call that cowardice at its best.

My husband and I had never been to a Meet & Greet for a candidate, any candidate, let alone a candidate for the US Congress.  We listened to his platform stump.  We observed his demeanor.  We listened to the questions other attendees asked. I took many notes.

After, the meeting we introduced ourselves to this candidate.  We let him know of our interest in learning more of his platform and possibly helping him in our community. My husband and I talked all the way home about how much we instinctively liked this man but we needed to be wiser than we once were and take it slow.  We decided to research this candidate before we rushed to do anything for him.

Well, that was three months ago and we are now full-fledged supporters (mostly volunteer time and energy) of this man’s campaign for the US Congress. 

I will be writing more about my experiences as I walk a path I’ve  never walked before; the path into political activism. Along the way, I’m sure I’ll will make mistakes but that doesn’t bother me.  I know I will learn a great deal and that energizes me.

What have I learned so far?

Groupie Rule # 1.  Don’t whine about politics if you don’t plan on doing anything to change it. Educate yourself.  Take a stand for something.  Get active.  Support SOMEONE!

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Why is the Tea Party Movement a powerful organic force?

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Recently, the Tea Party Nation hosted a Tea Party Convention in Nashville Tennessee, the first of its kind.  From all reports, this convention was hugely successful with the event culminating in an inspiring speech given by former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.  Parts of the convention were broadcast on C-SPAN and are now available on YouTube.

In the midst of the media blitz focusing attention on the Tea Party Convention I couldn’t help but notice an underlying tension brewing between Tea Party Nation and other Tea Party organizations.  Since I was not an active member of any of the main Tea Party organizations at their start I found myself confused by the slinging rhetoric. It appeared to me a smear campaign was afoot against the Tea Party Nation which could have crippled the convention.  In the end, it served to provoke many to spend the money and make the trek to Nashville to support the cause.

I do not wish to focus on the tensions between the Tea Party Nation and other larger Tea Party organizations, all of which are attempting to position themselves as the National Tea Party Movement Spokesperson. It is no great surprise to me that this jostling is happening.  As part of the Tea Party movement, attending the 9.12.09 DC Rally where approximately 1.7 million people just showed up to blaze the patriotic trail down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capital lawn, I could see this coming.

It didn’t take long for the mantra  “we don’t really know what we are doing” and “… we have never done anything like this before,” to change to  “…we must get organized…we need someone to lead us.”  Some person, some group, some entity somewhere would most certainly rise to the challenge to attempt to “help” the fledgling and disorganized grassroots of America get organized.

I understand that without leadership people falter but it is a double-edged sword. With organized leadership comes the potential hazard of manipulative control, implied ownership, and loss of spontaneity by those being led.  It can’t be helped.  If we, as the Tea Party Movement find ourselves a LEADER to lead us then we must follow that said leader.

Honestly, I don’t  know if it can even be accomplished. The Tea Party is not a party. It is an ever-growing powerful organic force, should it continue to be life-giving to those that belong to it. It is not so easily defined or harnessed. Therefore, any central leader would have great difficulty taming it.  I believe there are three main components to the Tea Party movement: Passionate, opinionated, and politically uneducated Americans.

First, the Tea Party movement is ruled by passionate people not parties and not politics. Visit any monthly Tea Party Meetup or special event.  If you listen to the folks in attendance you will hear it.   We are proud  to wrap ourselves in our American flag, pledge of allegiance and national anthem. We understand what is at stake and it is not losing Democratic seats or Republican seats…or flipping the whole house in favor of truly conservative candidates.   We are people concerned the American Constitution has been usurped so many times and watered down so much that it is in danger of being declared fatally ill and not worth reviving; better to find a way to allow it to rest quietly in its final days.

As Tea Partier’s we are fiercely passionate about liberty and keeping our individual freedoms. Freedom to speak our viewpoint, freedom to protect our families from any oppressive force, even those that govern us, freedom to make money and provide good things for our families, and the freedom to worship GOD.

Second, Tea Partier’s are highly opinionated people.  Again, visit any Tea Party or 912 group.  Whether we agree or disagree about general issues concerning the movement we know how to express ourselves!  Tea Partier’s are not afraid of sharing their opinions and they are typically very articulate.  Just as there are many varieties of shapes and sizes of the people attending Tea Party events there are just as many opinions on how we should define ourselves as a movement, all based on our personal experiences and perceptions of government.

Because of this independent flair, the Tea Party movement attracts those that live less conventional, status quo lives.  Many tea partier’s are homeschoolers, conspiracy theorists,and marginalized pro-lifers, religious conservatives, independent business owners, and true entrepreneurs.  We have acquired thicker skins as a result of resistance to conformist public opinion. We follow our own convictions.

Third, tea partier’s are, for the most part, basically ignorant of politics. There are those among us that do understand the political landscape and are willing to guide  “newbies” and I thank God for them.  Because, we are convinced our Republic and form of government is the best thing since sliced bread and that our elected representatives would necessarily represent our views, as put forth by our Constitution, we trusted those we sent forth to represent us.  We went on with our lives.  We left politics to the politicians. We voted our concerns and convictions on the appointed days. 

Most American’s receive what little political understanding they have through their favorite US media source whether it is newspaper,magazine, talk radio or TV.  And that is more true today than ever before.  Millions of Tea Party Americans are tuning in daily to the ample offering of conservative talk radio shows and all day Fox News TV reporting. This has pushed us to dig deeper and educate ourselves and pass on this new education to our family and friends. Which in turn compels us to do something we never thought we would…become activists.

The congressman or congresswoman or senator who has overstayed his/her welcome to a local,state or national political office may well view the most dangerous person in America today the passionate, highly opinionated, independent and politically educated Tea Party patriot. A true force to be reckoned with.

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Father America, Obama’s New Hat

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Is there any hat too big, too honorable that President Barak Obama doesn’t feel his head is too small to fill? I mean, good grief Charlie Brown? Is he for real?

All that was missing from Obama’s State of the Union address last night was the piously perched on the rim of the nose bifocals!  Nothing like being lectured by the new Father of America.  Of course, Father America, elitist Barack Obama, ninety-seven references to I, knows best for America. When are we stupid Americans going to get that and stop being such rebellious, ungrateful children?  Please.

I’ve seen Obama wear many hats but this one is too much for me.  I wasn’t going to watch the State of the Union address.  Lately, I can’t even stand to hear his pompous voice, let alone watch his condescending demeanor and body language.  Whoever is handling him needs to reconsider pushing his overreaching confidence. He just comes across as arrogant and out of touch which, is okay for the nerdy, pimpled senior classmen running for Mr.. Senior class, but not for our President.

In an effort to step above all the rest of us he just keeps stepping ON the rest of us! If you doubt that, check out the look on Judge Alito’s face when Obama dissed the High Court. Did Obama really? Yes, he did. That’s something else his handlers might want to work on too, being polite in public social settings, not to mention make sure his has facts straight. I wonder how many friends Obama has left.

After the address, my husband and I mused about the lecture we had just received from our Commander-in-Chief and we were glad we decided to check in. For us, it is America’s best reality show.  Before Obama took the podium we wondered what he would do.  How will he address his plummeting approval ratings, the stalling of his most prized Obama Health Care Bill, massive job shortages, and the accelerating national debt? Will he come out swinging? Or will he at least attempt a show of humility and acceptance that he’s missed it with millions of his people? Which Obama will appear on our TV screen this evening, we wondered?

Well, suspense ended, he came out swinging.  He swiped at just about every class and institution of American life.  He chided us and threatened retribution upon us if we don’t get in line with his agenda. After all, he is only doing these things for our own good.

If I wasn’t having so much fun watching Obama bloviate in self-glory, knowing there is no more height for him to climb, only a downward tumble, I’d cry.  This is our country, for heaven’s sake. We are the American people!  We haven’t been completely mind controlled yet.  We can still see, hear, and think for ourselves.  For most of us we are not so morally dark or stupid that we can’t reason or discern a truth from fraud.

Let’s be clear….all those people that attended the 2009 Tax Day and Tea Party Rallies and the 912 DC rally went home, formed Tea Party/912 groups (some small and some quite large), supercharged other conservative political activist groups in their communities, put up websites to pass information, and returned to DC when called for are NOT stepping down, backing away, or turning the other cheek anymore. Of course, we will fight our fight, with civility, humility and hopefully God’s help.

First, we will continue to ask simple questions like, “Just show us the official papers that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you are eligible to be our Commander in Chief?” and “Why, Mr.President, do you continue to paint America as the world’s enemy?” We will continue to educate American’s about the truth of Cap and Trade and ObamaCare, namely it’s true goal of nationalizing every part of American life in order to bring us in line with the global agenda. Well, I am not European, I am American!

Now that we all know where we stand, let the games begin….November 2010 is right around the corner.

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pro life, What is your Choice? Part 3

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I do not believe the government should have the right to control reproduction in any form. Neither, do I believe throwing money at special interest groups is the way to stop girls and women from aborting their unwanted babies. The only way to stop rampant abortion is to change personal conviction.

That will happen when one by one people come face to face with the atrocity of abortion; like the woman who, until recently, worked for Planned Parenthood, advocating for abortion rights until the day she actually viewed the horrific procedure on a television monitor. Today, she is a strong advocate for the rights of the pre-born. God made good out of evil.

Coming face to face with the horror of the abortion procedure may not even be enough to persuade some people this is an abominable practice. Many in American have become hardened and apathetic to pain, torture and brutality so,the bombing of abortion clinics does nothing to soften them to the plight of  the pre-born. True Right to Lifers do not condone these extremist acts but their cause is tainted by them.

In my opinion, abortion can not be legislated, especially, until abortion is called what it is, a crime against humanity. At the moment women are free to choose to keep a pregnancy or terminate a pregnancy based solely on her personal, moral and/or religious convictions. 

In this way, the fight against abortion is seen by many as a crisis of conscious and not a criminal act. This same crisis of conscious is seen as propaganda put forth by right wing Christian zealots who, supposedly want to subjugate women. Why should woman NOT be subjugated to the same laws of crime others are subjugated to. 

No, the pro-life issue must stay a moral and religious issue  i.e., a sin issue. How do we legislate sin?  To legislate sin you must follow the One that determines what sin is and on this issue we can agree,  American’s are truly divided. A woman need only to reject the One that would set such restrictions on her mind and body and then there is no real crisis of conscious.

Maybe, it’s just me but I don’t get the mantra “My body, my choice”. What does that really mean? If my body is connected to another body and  life sustaining fluid is running through and between us than I don’t entirely “own” my body all to myself, do I?  I’m sharing.  And lets be clear, babies don’t just jump into female uterus’s.  By individual choice they are invited there

Maybe I’m not as trendy as the next person but, I wouldn’t consider purposefully terminating  another living being’s life if I wasn’t willing to, also, sacrifice mine. To me this seems the height of hypocrisy. How many of us born to single moms (or in my case, to a mom neatly married before my birth) or born with some impediment asked our mothers why they were so stupid when they had a nice way out?

I have recently become involved in the Tea Party/ 912 movement. I have noticed that a large majority of the people I’ve met  are strongly opinionated advocates for the rights of the pre-born. However, I have also noticed that as the Tea Party movement has become more cohesive it has purposefully decided not to make the pro-life issue one of its main three platform issues.

Lower taxes, less government and free trade are the table legs supporting  the Tea Party platform.  At first this puzzled me and in fact I overheard many say they would have a hard time supporting the Tea Party movement if the pro-life issue was not included in the movement’s platform. But, I see the wisdom in the Tea Party’s thinking. When conservatives regain House and Senate seats in the coming elections many of those filling those seats will be pro-life conservatives.  Their moral convictions and integrity will have an impact in our ongoing campaign against abortion. This scares the “pooh” out of liberal, fanatic, better-get-out-of-our-way-pro-choicers!

No one can take a life without God’s permission.  It seems unconscionable that God would allow this. But God allows many wicked things.  One day He will deal with evil for the last time and all mankind will answer to Him for their deeds. If I didn’t believe this I would despair.

I lost a baby once. He died at 17 weeks in my womb. I asked my doctor allow me dilation and delivery instead of a D & C. It was an uncomfortable procedure but I was determined to preserve my baby’s dignity. When I delivered my son the nurses cleaned him, wrapped him in a blanket and put a tiny beanie on his head. As they laid him in the palm of my hand, my husband and I noticed he had his tiny left hand placed over his chest. We named him Seth David, the David for King David who’s whole heart was for God.

My husband and I marveled at how well formed he was at that young age, each extremity in place and fingers all fully formed, ears and genitals visible. It was hard to leave Seth David at the hospital and go home but we wouldn’t have changed that experience for anything. I will see him again. God gives life and God takes away and I am thankful I’ve chosen to leave that decision up to Him.

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