Who is the Real Spoiler, Paladino or lazio?

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A couple of nights ago I was featured as a guest speaker at another Tea Party meeting.  I was asked to speak to the group about the current New York governor’s race. First of all, I am completely amazed that I  would be asked to speak about politics and even more amazed that I would know enough about the  political process to articulate it to an audience. Until eleven months ago I was politically ignorant even though I kept abreast of current news but even that was mostly at the federal, not state, level.

I was asked to speak about the new Taxpayers Party Line and what it means to the average “New York Joe Citizen” taxpayer and voter. I began my presentation with a simple question.

I asked the audience, “How many of you sitting in this room tonight believe that Carl Paladino will win the Republican primary against Rick Lazio?”  From a room of 60 plus people at least half or more in the room shot up their hands, including me.

Then I said, “Based on the number of hands that just went up I would have to say that Carl Paladino is a legitimate contender against Rick Lazio for the Republican nomination for the Governor of the State of New York.   You have just stated as such.

Then I said, I have another question for you. “If that is true why is there a double standard when it comes to Carl Paladino’s race for governor and Rick Lazio’s?”  Let’s have a little perspective, please.

If you are a registered Republican or Conservative and you believe Carl Paladino will win the Republican primary are you not equally concerned that Republican candidate Rick Lazio has pledged to remain on the conservative ticket even after he loses the Republican primary?

How is it so many are concerned that Carl will split the vote when the designated New York GOP nominee for Governor has vowed HE WILL split the vote?

Over the last couple of weeks I have received numerous emails from the grassroots smarting over Carl’s flip flop about whether he will remain on the Taxpayer Party Line should he lose the primary to Rick Lazio, September 14.  I know he will not lose the primary but, humor me here.

These emails suggest that Carl will be another “Ross Perot”; splitting the ticket and thus ushering in a sure win for Democrat Andrew Cuomo.  In effect, accusing Carl of being a Republican spoiler.

But I ask you, “Who is the real spoiler?”

Rick Lazio has publicaly pledged to the Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long that he will not step off the Conservative line should he lose the Republican primary to Carl Paladino.  Oh no, he will continue to campaign for the governorship on the Conservative line rather than have to “hold his nose” to endorse Carl.

Why will he do this? To use his name recognition in an effort to  miraculously pull a victory despite Carl Paladino and to insure that the Conservative Party remain a viable party.

No official party is happy when a new line is placed on the voting ballot.  Every new line means a fracturing of the vote by voters.  The more lines the harder parties have to work for each vote. The less votes at the ballot box per line the more risk of losing the Party line completely.

This year both the Republican Party and Conservative Party stands to lose a great deal of voter loyalty to the Taxpayer Party Line and that means a loss of power.

Until now, it was the party bosses who ultimately decided which candidates would be put before the people for election.  Now, average voters are vetting candidates themselves and making more informed decisions. If this trend continues the imbalance in power of bosses over people may be rectified.

The Taxpayer Party is Not a real party, yet.  It is not even a line on the  ballot. But it will be. Once again thousands of grassroots activist are carrying Taxpayer Party Line petitions to secure at least 30,000 signatures for Carl Paladino and other candidates thereby guaranteeing it a place at the table for the November 2 general election.

Even still, in order for it to become an official party for the general election of 2012 it has to garner 50,000 votes November 2, 2010.  And further it will not have any true power until somewhere in 2011 when candidates begin to solicit endorsements and they come knocking on the doors of the major grassroots, Tea Party groups in New York.

Then the Tea Party and the Taxpayers Party will have a platform.  What will the platform look like?

If you want to know what the Taxpayers Party platform is look to the leader of the Taxpayer Party, Carl Paladino. If you square with Carl’s vision for New York and his bold plan to a return of sensible governing then you might consider yourself a Taxpayer Party member.

But why does Carl need this party line anyway?

No governor in the state of New York has been able to win a general election with only one line.  In order to insure that Carl would be able to take on his Democratic challenger,in this case Andrew Cuomo, who will capture votes on the Democrat, Independence,and Working Family Party lines, he is forced to set up an additional line. This new line will capture those angry voters who feel disenfranchised from their democratic, independence, and conservative parties.

Enthusiasm is waning with registered Republican voters too.  They are no longer willing to mechanically vote party line. There are many republicans in the state of New York that will NOT cast a vote on a republican line this year…no way, no how.  There are many conservatives who will not stand by their parties at the voting places and believe it or not quit a few democrats who are angry enough at what they perceive to be weakness in their party and a lack of real vision for reform who will pull the lever for the Taxpayer Party.

What many fail to recognize about the grassroots movement is although for the most part we are registered party voters the reason we have now engaged in political activism is because our convictions and principles supersede our party loyalty and we have had enough of party corruption and arrogance at our expense. We will hold to our principles and if it means disappointing the party, oh well.  We will fight for our convictions and continue to fight even if we do not win all the battles.

Right now, we are on course to insure principled Carl Paladino has an equal shot at becoming a spoiler in this years gubernatorial election.  If its good enough for Rick Lazio to press on even if he loses the Republican primary it should be good enough for Carl.

However, when Carl appears on the Republican line for Governor November 2 and you can’t stomach a Republican “pull of the lever” vote for Carl on the Taxpayer Party line, not on the Republican line, and send a clear message to all the parties, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

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Integrity Restored in George Phillips for Congress

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Almost a year ago my husband and I marched Pennsylvania Avenue with 1.7 million other Americans for the first 9.12 Freedom Works DC Tax Revolt March.  It changed our lives.  Until that day we’d been blissfully living a “regular Joe” life; raising a family, working, and  living morale lives.

From those millions of DC marchers, thousands went home and got to work mobilizing to put the brakes on an out-of-control, arrogant,and defiant White House and Congress. My husband and I were one of those thousands. We formed a local community based 912 Tea Party group.

As we navigated through unchartered waters of Tea Party activism the more politically active we became.  Some Tea Parties and 912 groups are adamantly opposed to the Tea Party participating in the political process other than to educate people about the political process.  Other groups believe it our civic duty to become pro-active or to  accept,without complaint, the outcome at the voting booths this November.

This article is not about the Tea Party.  It is about a man we met along the way of our journey with the Tea Party this last year.  His name is George Phillips and he is running for Congress to represent the citizens of district 22 of the state of New York, of which I am one.  George needs my support and he has asked for my vote.

You may be unaware the Tea Party has been openly vetting candidates for the last several months at local Meet & Greets and Candidate forums.  These events are free to the public and tend to be well attended. Our first encounter with Republican candidate George Phillips was at one of these events.

What struck me most about George was his ease with people, his casual dress and his in-depth knowledge and  understanding of the Constitution and the rule of law, something I was witnessing our state and national representatives knew little about and were less willing to follow.

I’d never seen a candidate up close.  So, I was immediately intrigued as I listened to George lay out his Bold Plan for fiscal responsibility, return to moral principles, term limits, and a strategy to combine government committees and programs in order to diminish bureaucratic waste.  Since, I wasn’t an expert on many of those topics I took notes and resolved to check out his platform for accuracy at a later date.

We extended a visit to George to come speak to our group.  George immediately resonated with our Tea Party.  George is the first candidate I have ever known personally.  Getting to know him and his campaign staff was my first political experience. The George Phillips for Congress team have been true friends to the Tea Party in Congressional District 22-NY.

I simply can’t say enough good things about George.  But, here are a few:

George is a man of tremendous character and integrity.  The more I interact with George the more I see this depth of character in George.

How do I define character and integrity as it applies to George?  I define it according to what I observed in my grandfather’s life and generation.

I tell folks that I consider my grandfather, who left this earth a few years ago, to be the last of the great generation of men who lived by an unwritten code of integrity.

I recently looked up the definition of integrity. Here are the three main characteristics of integrity:

1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.

3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

George fits all three. These things come naturally for George.  He doesn’t have to manufacture integrity. George is just genuinely George, a man of strength, stability, a high moral standard he lives by, and a deep concern for those that he is seeking to represent in DC.

George is just George.  Most of the time I see him, he is eating fast food on the fly…eager instead to get out and shake the next hand, hear the next story from a concerned voter, and struggle to make a scheduled event on time.  I’ve learned candidates are notoriously late, especially the ones that really have a shot at winning the race!

They are so popular their managers over-schedule them.  On top of that when the people connect with a candidate like George Phillips both the average Joe Citizen and George have a hard time stepping away from the interaction.  Every one needs affirmation and encouragement, no matter if you are candidate or voter.  That basic human need connects us.

I have heard the statement, “George is such a nice man” so many times it got me thinking of him as someone like  Mr..Smith, i.e., Mr..Smith goes to Washington.  I have even heard the statement, “I like George so well.  He is so genuine.  I hope he will not change when he gets to Washington and has to play party politics!”

Well, there is no guarantee he won’t. Most of them do. But then some of them become our greatest mavericks like Michele Bachman, Mike Pence, Joe Wilson, Sarah Palin, and Jim De Mint!  The risk of George loosing what I value the most about him; his internal moral compass, self-modeled modest and sound economic principles, and his refreshing depth of understanding about the American History, the Constitution and the problems facing voters in the 22 NY Congressional District.  I’ll take the risk!

George asks, “Have you had enough?”  The growing numbers of New York CD 22 concerned voters say, “YES!” We have had enough!  It is time to unseat career politician and left of liberal Maurice Hinchey this November.

The reason?  They believe George.  They instinctively trust his genuineness. If voters demand a well polished, flashy, freshly tanned skin against shiny white teeth and distinguished grey hair wrapped in expensive clothes than George is not for you.  Unfortunately,these are the things that ignorant voters use to define competent politicians.

George is not a politician. George will become a statesman. George will bring some sorely needed integrity back to Washington. You can count on that.

Check out George’s Bold Plan, volunteer, donate, and vote for George Phillips for Congress!

Elect George Phillips for Congress

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I Want the Emperor to Have No Clothes, Not Me!

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There are four days until the Massachusetts’s special election between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown.  I believe this race is a bull-horn foreshadow of what is to come next November in the national general election. I’m no expert; it’s just my un-professional professional opinion.  I believe Scott Brown is leading in the polls and may subsequently win the election NOT because Massachusetts voters are jumping to the Republican Party but because giving a vote to Scott Brown is, some how, symbolic to giving their very being.  I wonder if a renewed understanding of the power of the collective vote is registering with voters of Massachusetts. The expectation that their vote, a precious gift they can choose to give to whom they please, might save them.  And it looks like they realize what burden a wrong vote may, in years to come, place on themselves and their families. 

A levy of gushing sludge-laden water full of radical, progressive, socialist looking policies is racing to engulf the entire country. The rushing waters of this “let-lose” levy carry  with it all sorts of  double standards, broken promises, secrecy, back room deals, bribery, corruption, arrogance, and moral stench.

 I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Independent, Libertarian or nothing at all, if you are an elected representative of the American people that has placed its faith and trust in YOU and your service,  and you are participating in any of the political, financial and moral mess America finds itself enduring, I wish you a cold farewell and hope you get your butt whipped next November. 

This isn’t about parties.  It’s about principles! If we are the land of “entitlements” then I want my “entitlement” too, and I’m entitled to expect my vote to stand for something noble and produce something that benefits Americans and makes America safer, stronger, and sensible!

The Senate special election of Massachusetts’s next Tuesday and the vote next November is about the freedom to vote for freedom. I want freedom from the liberal overreaching of progressive socialism being systematically sown, stitch by stitch, into the very fabric of American life.  I don’t want their itchy, shrunken, misshapen, dirty garment, thank you very much.  I want the Emperor to have NO clothes, not me!

For the past year I have felt like the victim of a domestic terrorist attack only this attack was in my own home, through my TV and radio and an attack on my very emotional well-being. I literally have felt the words I’ve heard spoken, the bills I saw signed (in the dead of night, no less!) the plastic smiles and hidden promises to take our bibles, guns, kids, money, and jobs from us, were forming as a large arm coming through my TV or radio to choke the life out of me. Morning after morning, as I have powered up my pc or TV to view the current news of the day only to be repeatedly traumatized.  Traumatized by the morning news, for heaven’s sake!

But , today, after just hearing the new poll numbers in the race between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley, predicting a steady lead by Brown over Coakley, I am feeling better.  I am feeling strengthened and energized.  My chin is lifting a little higher, my eyes are sparkling a little brighter, and my breathing is improved. But, then again, there is always tomorrow’s morning news!

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