What is going on with America?

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I just can’t get away from it.  I go to bed at night hoping when I awake in the morning it will all be just a bad dream.  I wake up refreshed until I hear a bit of news or read an email and then the wave in my stomach starts rolling again.

It’s sinking in now.  Attempting to stay calm and cheerful in the midst of the massive “fundamental” transformation of my country is getting harder with each passing day.

But news of the proposed Value Added Tax has my usual good nature not feeling so naturally good today.  I ask you, how is this fair?  That 50 percent of Americans pick up the tax tab for an almost 50 percent of Americans that pay NO taxes. And on top of that we can look forward to more of our earned money, whether earned through hard work or just earned (what does it matter, it’s OUR money) will be shoplifted from our wallets every time we decide to help a dying commercial or retail business with a purchase.

Who is pushing this theft and insanity? The President of the United States.  I’m going to say this and say it out loud. Where is the Birth certificate that proves beyond a shadow of doubt he is an American citizen?  Where is it …Where is it….where is it?  I”m not a card toting member of the birther movement. I don’t care where Obama was born. I don’t care if he is Muslim, Kenyan or a subject of the British crown. I don’t care if he is a nobody, an alien or a monarch mind control slave as some crazies suggest. I don’t care!

What I DO care about is that he is sitting in the chair of the highest office of America and he might be one or all of those things; representing me and my family, signing treaties that may sign my liberties away and those of my children and grandchildren. That scares the pee-jeebies out of me!

Who is he, really?

He doesn’t look like any American President I’ve known.  But then again I don’t tend to hang with racial bigots like Jeremiah Wright who pass themselves off as pastors, American flag burners, Constitution haters, civil rights violators, terrorists and attempted murderers like members of the Weather Underground.

So, I ask you “Who is Barak Obama?’

A year ago I was willing to let by gons be by gons.  He won the Presidential election.  I said to myself, “Let’s see how he administrates.”  “Let’s just see if he will do what he promises…transparency and all that crap!”

I didn’t like his policies from day one but I reasoned “Let America have it’s “historic” moment and wash itself of some ill-conceived obsessive guilt we feel we must be cleansed from.  Okay, America, go ahead..let’s take a moment and heal.

Well, healing we didn’t get.  What we are getting is nothing short of recycled segregation not seen in this country in nearly sixty years. There is a parting of the American shining sea and it is NOT parting so we can all pass over to la-la land in happy, skipping bliss, holding  hands singing “can’t we just love one another!”

NO, this parting of the sea is divisive, spiritually and emotionally damaging and, God Help Us, if not stopped may lead to another civil war.  The biggest  propagator of this divisive rhetoric is coming from the man claiming to be the uniter of our country; the one who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and then appears to coerce elected representatives to break and trample it.

I know, I know, he “inherited” this mess.  Someone, give him a blanket and a pacifier. Get over it already!  What about the poor slop who’s going to have to clean up your colossal mess!

Stop apologizing for America to  global bullies! Only a president that either sees America as weak or wishes to weaken America would continue this embarrassing apology tour.

Not only do I not trust you Mr. Obama to keep me safe I don’t think you are legitimate. If you are a true American I am blind, stupid, and ignorant.  I don’t recognize you as an America loving American.  You seem to me to be an imposter and a whiny one at that…adding insult to injury.

I have had enough…from Stimulus bills…to Cap and Trade, to VAT, to seizing our 401k savings, to treaties we don’t know what’s in them… to Health Care bills we don’t know what’s in them… to arms deals with communist nations…to redistributing my wealth by taxing everything I use, own, or want, to seizing banks, land, resources, auto companies,and attempting to silence fair speech…to demonizing honest, patriotic Americans.

Is there anyone you don’t tick off other than terrorists and dictators?

If the election of November 2010 is our rescuer then the real hope I see is that democrats are falling faster that shooting stars. Not only that, they are starting to implode.  Let’s take Harry Reid for instance.  Someone get him to the doctor.  He is delusional.  He is bragging that due to his signing the most massive government entitlement program people actually like him better now?  Is that what this is all about.  Being popular?

Let me get this straight. Harry finds his odds better  being popular with a minority of people carrying a big stick than with the masses of people coming for him with a sling shot and a ballot card!

Madame Pelosi, you are next.  Your Crash the Tea Party campaign is going to crush you.  You can count on it.

Bart Stupak another flying star bites the dust in crater like form.  Coward!  Arrogantly, signing his word away and strapping pro-life American’s with the funding of the atrocity of abortion.  What’s with you Democrats?  I thought you were all about choice?  Where is MY CHOICE to choose NOT to take part in your socialistic, immoral, unconstitutionally mandated insurance scheme!

Mr. Stupak, you are slime as you slink away because you don’t have the guts to fight for your place. Where are your high morals now? What good were you for eighteen years that when the going gets tough you slither away.

God says, and I’m paraphrasing,  “don’t pull up the weeds in the midst of the grass lest you also pull up the fresh grass.”  In this case, the weeds are getting the heck out of the field all by themselves.  Good riddance!

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pro life, What is your Choice? Part 3

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I do not believe the government should have the right to control reproduction in any form. Neither, do I believe throwing money at special interest groups is the way to stop girls and women from aborting their unwanted babies. The only way to stop rampant abortion is to change personal conviction.

That will happen when one by one people come face to face with the atrocity of abortion; like the woman who, until recently, worked for Planned Parenthood, advocating for abortion rights until the day she actually viewed the horrific procedure on a television monitor. Today, she is a strong advocate for the rights of the pre-born. God made good out of evil.

Coming face to face with the horror of the abortion procedure may not even be enough to persuade some people this is an abominable practice. Many in American have become hardened and apathetic to pain, torture and brutality so,the bombing of abortion clinics does nothing to soften them to the plight of  the pre-born. True Right to Lifers do not condone these extremist acts but their cause is tainted by them.

In my opinion, abortion can not be legislated, especially, until abortion is called what it is, a crime against humanity. At the moment women are free to choose to keep a pregnancy or terminate a pregnancy based solely on her personal, moral and/or religious convictions. 

In this way, the fight against abortion is seen by many as a crisis of conscious and not a criminal act. This same crisis of conscious is seen as propaganda put forth by right wing Christian zealots who, supposedly want to subjugate women. Why should woman NOT be subjugated to the same laws of crime others are subjugated to. 

No, the pro-life issue must stay a moral and religious issue  i.e., a sin issue. How do we legislate sin?  To legislate sin you must follow the One that determines what sin is and on this issue we can agree,  American’s are truly divided. A woman need only to reject the One that would set such restrictions on her mind and body and then there is no real crisis of conscious.

Maybe, it’s just me but I don’t get the mantra “My body, my choice”. What does that really mean? If my body is connected to another body and  life sustaining fluid is running through and between us than I don’t entirely “own” my body all to myself, do I?  I’m sharing.  And lets be clear, babies don’t just jump into female uterus’s.  By individual choice they are invited there

Maybe I’m not as trendy as the next person but, I wouldn’t consider purposefully terminating  another living being’s life if I wasn’t willing to, also, sacrifice mine. To me this seems the height of hypocrisy. How many of us born to single moms (or in my case, to a mom neatly married before my birth) or born with some impediment asked our mothers why they were so stupid when they had a nice way out?

I have recently become involved in the Tea Party/ 912 movement. I have noticed that a large majority of the people I’ve met  are strongly opinionated advocates for the rights of the pre-born. However, I have also noticed that as the Tea Party movement has become more cohesive it has purposefully decided not to make the pro-life issue one of its main three platform issues.

Lower taxes, less government and free trade are the table legs supporting  the Tea Party platform.  At first this puzzled me and in fact I overheard many say they would have a hard time supporting the Tea Party movement if the pro-life issue was not included in the movement’s platform. But, I see the wisdom in the Tea Party’s thinking. When conservatives regain House and Senate seats in the coming elections many of those filling those seats will be pro-life conservatives.  Their moral convictions and integrity will have an impact in our ongoing campaign against abortion. This scares the “pooh” out of liberal, fanatic, better-get-out-of-our-way-pro-choicers!

No one can take a life without God’s permission.  It seems unconscionable that God would allow this. But God allows many wicked things.  One day He will deal with evil for the last time and all mankind will answer to Him for their deeds. If I didn’t believe this I would despair.

I lost a baby once. He died at 17 weeks in my womb. I asked my doctor allow me dilation and delivery instead of a D & C. It was an uncomfortable procedure but I was determined to preserve my baby’s dignity. When I delivered my son the nurses cleaned him, wrapped him in a blanket and put a tiny beanie on his head. As they laid him in the palm of my hand, my husband and I noticed he had his tiny left hand placed over his chest. We named him Seth David, the David for King David who’s whole heart was for God.

My husband and I marveled at how well formed he was at that young age, each extremity in place and fingers all fully formed, ears and genitals visible. It was hard to leave Seth David at the hospital and go home but we wouldn’t have changed that experience for anything. I will see him again. God gives life and God takes away and I am thankful I’ve chosen to leave that decision up to Him.

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Pro-life, What is your choice? Part 2

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Originally, this blog post was only going to be a quick opinion on the pro-life movement, as I see it, considering the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and the March for Life rally at DC.  Because, I am attempting to be kind to my readers and keep my posts under 800 words and, partly, because the issue has exploded on the national news scene in the last few days, I am making this a three part piece.  Here are my continuing thoughts on the subject.

What is the choice in pro-choice? What is it pro-choice women want to be able to choose?  Does the choice in the pro-choice movement guarantee you the right to choose or rather, is their primary agenda to force their pro-abortion choice on all Americans? Exploding this controversy, once again, on to the national stage is the breaking news story concerning Florida football player Tim Tebow. Tebow is asserting his constitutional rights and moral convictions by choosing to appear in a pro-life advertisement with his mother, sponsored by the Christian organization Focus On the Family to be aired during the upcoming Super Bowl.

The immediate grumbling from the pro-abortion groups would lead a person to believe they had viewed the advertisement, finding it to be offensive to their cause.  But, in reality, they haven’t even seen the add. They are arrogantly offended by the very fact that the add is simply going to be seen by millions of Americans; the story of a woman’s choice, many years ago, to choose life for her now celebrity son. I thought the choice in “pro-choice” meant a woman could choose life or death for her pre-born baby.  Or is the choice really only a choice to choose death via a multitude of abortion procedures, some more violent than others.

As to Tim Tebow, should he, as a successful young man and role model, not have the freedom to choose which side of the abortion issue he supports? And not only that, but, what about the American people. Are we so simple minded and fickle that we would chunk our convictions one way or the other by a simple 30 second advertisement?

What is it the pro-abortionists fear about this simple 30 second add? They fear the truth slipping out. They fear millions of Americans typing Tebow, abortion, and pro-life, into their internet browser during the next Super Bowl commercial break.   It won’t be but a few short minutes before the gripping reality hits.  There are many many pictures on line that will confirm, in startling clarity, life in the inner world of the womb is majestic, mysterious and real.  It is the world where the most fragile and innocent among us live.

While the answer to the pro-life/pro-choice debate seems simple to me, it isn’t for millions of Americans.  It goes deep, deep down into the very fabric of all we hold dear…namely, self. The argument of when life is actually viable life clouds the issue and is absurd. What does it matter? By the very debate one is acknowledging it is LIFE! Not, a swishing mound of mush, as I have already stated in my first post on this topic.

Self-centeredness and self -preservation are at the root of the abortion crusade. Self-preservation against the loss of youthful looks, loss of income and opportunities, and forced responsibility. What I don’t see happening is the preservation against inevitable consequences. And, do not be deceived, there are the potential for significant mental, emotional and physical consequences as a result of taking another’s life whether intentional or unintentionally.

And don’t even tell me millions of abortions are necessary because a case just might present itself whereby a woman may risk dying due to complications giving birth.  Please, that argument is so stale. Have you ever thought that a mother might rather die in childbirth if it meant giving life to her child?

I truly am ashamed that anyone thought they were doing me a favor to give me the right to kill. What next, a women’s right to eat her young if it would keep her from starving in times of intense hunger?

Women have been given a pass on this criminal activity.  But, I don’t hold them totally responsible.  No, I hold as accessory to crime, all the fathers, boyfriends, and husbands who willingly dropped their daughters, girlfriends, and wives off at the local abortion clinic on a fine Friday afternoon.

If women want to exterminate their young I call them barbarians and their actions barbaric. They will not escape the consequence of their actions. Few if any do.  Some day a greeting card will arrive with a beautiful picture of an infant, or the would have been mother will be introduced to a little curly headed boy or girl roughly the age of her child, were he or she living; or she may fall victim to painful irregular menses or possible sterility.

I am interested in whether women are being given the whole truth about the pro-choice propaganda machine.  Choice may not necessarily mean you have the choice to choose life.

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Pro Life, what is your choice?

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A great poet once wrote…

“For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb. 
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.
My frame was not hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.” King David

Do you remember your mother’s womb? Chances are if you are reading this you survived it. I find it hard to wrap my head around God, in there tinkering away, carving me in to the adorable little button-nose, blue-eye bombshell, that I was.

It only takes a quick Google search to discover that life in the womb is both miraculous and majestic and I haven’t found a photo yet, taken by highly specialized equipment and professionally trained video-photographers, that revealed a swishing sloppy mound of mush.

How is it that in this modern world we are so ignorant of the true miracle of life?  With precision instruments and technology we are able “to go where no man has gone before.” For all of Americas great fascination with “other worlds”,  packing theaters recently to be the first in line to view Avatar, we have a strange lack of interest in the “inner world” of the human womb. Many who have dared to explore it have been captivated by it, never to be the same.

Do you know, exactly, how you got to be you? No? That’s because your “life” is a mystery. The creation of life is a supernatural event. Fireworks went off somewhere the moment you were conceived, well, close to it anyway. This supernatural mystery is the most misunderstood and, unfortunately, most abused phenomenon in all of humankind.

Every great society has practiced some form of child sacrifice.  From ancient Canaan and Phoenicia where infants and toddlers were placed on the golden, fire engulfed arms of the pagan gods Moloch and Kronos, respectively, to ancient Rome and the  rampant practice of infanticide.  In each of these great periods of time child sacrifice was practiced as a way to appease a false god  whether it was these gods or the god of licentious living.

I ask you me, if these great societies didn’t believe that their WAS a God and he operated the controls of life and death, health or disease, feast or famine would they really burn their children alive to satisfy him?

The history of United States of America parallels in many respects the rise of past great civilizations, most especially ancient Rome. Among the roughly fourteen major similarities we share is the national licensing and protection of abortion rights. History records that for all their splendorous community living Romans were barbaric in many of their common practices.

I really don’t understand why we even have a “pro-life/pro-choice  issue” in this country and why it has managed to divide us for so long.  Have we, as Americans, forgotten so quickly.  Eighteenth century slaves were considered, in many parts of our country, as less human than otherwise decent society and therefore less worthy of decent treatment. Did we not lose hundreds of thousands of lives during the civil war? Was not their loss partially to settle the issue of human worth in this country?

The recent anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and the March For Life gives us pause to consider these troubling questions. For now, my  pondering will have to wait until tomorrow……tune in!

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What to Do With Scott Brown?

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It is a strange question and a puzzling place I find myself in.  I live in a state that neighbors Massachusetts. I am involved in the Tea Party and 912 movements. I get continuous email threads that support candidate Scott Brown. These Tea Party/ 912 groups predominantly have members who are fiscally, socially and morally conservative.  In my experience, most Tea Partier’s I have come in contact with support the right of the pre-born to experience life outside the womb.

So, as I watched the Tea Party/912 movement line up to endorse candidate Scott Brown of Massachusetts, running to fill the senate seat left vacant by deceased senator Ted Kennedy I enthusiastically jumped on board.  My initial perusal of his campaign platform seemed legitimate enough to have secured my approval that he is a “true conservative”. My husband and I sent money to the Scott Brown “money bomb” campaign. I signed on for his “phone from home” campaign, watched my tutorial on line and was ready to invest my time to help him, …until I received an email that linked an editorial that disclosed Brown’s pro-choice views.  I was stunned.  How is it I missed that? I asked myself.  Where did I get the idea that Scott Brown was pro-life?  What I gleaned from the article was that Brown is pro-choice but, anti- partial birth abortion. 

Now, I really am not all that excited about having to open that whole can of worms, but needless to say since I am troubled, I have too.  I have to because I decided not to make calls from home for Scott Brown based on the revelation of his pro-choice stance.  I don’t know if I were a resident of Massachusetts if I could vote for him.  Good thing I live across the state line! But soon enough, I know I will face that same dilemma in a race here in New York, where my vote DOES count.

So, the can of worms for me has been opened and I have to deal with it. Is Scott Brown just the lesser of two evils?  I am reminded of an election a year and half ago that a vote for John McCain was a vote for the lesser of two of evils.  Others felt that a vote for Barack Obama was a vote for the lesser of two evils.

I have been, basically, bed ridden the last two weeks from double surgery to my foot. I am using my time wisely, though, and I have been watching documentaries and researching on line America’s founding fathers and our founding documents.  It has been a great refresher for me and I highly recommend all Americans do it, especially those Americans involved in the Tea Party/912 movement.  I agree with other educated American’s that say that part of the reason we are in this national crisis is because we have forgotten what America really stands for.

I, for one, had forgotten a great deal of my American heritage.  As I watched and listened to the words and history of the revolutionaries fighting against the tyranny of England, and subsequent formation of a fledgling new country, I was struck by the life and trials of Thomas Jefferson. 

Thomas Jefferson appeared, by his writings, to have held contempt for the slavery of Blacks however, he owned many slaves.  He attempted, on many occasions, to insert wording in founding documents and legislation that would have freed the slaves. He worded the Declaration of Independence so craftily that it is a mystery as to whether he included the black man in his, “all are created equal” or not, all the while continuing to own and buy and sell slaves.  His life appears to be one of some hypocrisy. 

But, Jefferson’s personal conflict is not the purpose of this writing. What is ….is the moral situation the early founding fathers found themselves in and how it relates to today…this New Tea Party revolution…this twenty-first century moral dilemma,… the rights of pre-born, living infants carried in the wombs of American women. 

To say you are pro-choice (approve of the termination and removal of a live human being from the womb) but are anti- partial birth abortion procedure is, to me, like Jefferson saying…. “slavery is an abomination to God however, I find no fault with owning numerous slaves…after all they are only 3/5 of a man, not wholly man…regardless of the fact that the Declaration of Independence regards “man” as being equal in God’s sight.  It is different sides of the same “darn” morally conflicted coin.  How can it be okay to kill innocent life but be disgusted only by the “way “a person disposes of that life.  I just don’t get it.

I think Thomas Jefferson may have been one of history’s most misunderstood icons.  I’m not sure, and we may never know, why he penned the Declaration of Independence in such vagaries and then lived his life in hypocrisy to it.  But, I suspect Jefferson knew the opposition to even the discussion of the abolition of slaves was a monumental task.  I wonder if he rationed that it was better to overturn one stone at a time and deal with the snake hidden underneath than overturn too many stones at one time and have to deal with a den of snakes.  There is evidence he rationed that the issue was just too volatile at the moment and not entirely necessary to solve ,nor should it impede the progress of forming a more perfect nation…that God would necessarily have to stir the hearts of his pro-slavery colleagues to see the enormous moral error of their ways.

I don’t know but, what I do know is history shows Jefferson to have enjoyed his privileged lifestyle more than his conviction to fight for the abolition of slavery.  He compromised his convictions, maybe out of pure selfishness maybe, out of a progressing lifestyle of apathy to the sufferings of others.

What does this have to do with Scott Brown? 

Maybe, nothing for hundreds of thousands, no millions of conservative Americans now rallying around him, but for me, it is principle. What am I going to do as a conservative Christian American when it comes to my endorsement of fiscal and social conservatives who support the termination and disenfranchisement of millions of innocent, forgotten, pre-born Americans?  I don’t know, yet. But, I know I’m going to pause and reflect for a bit and I won’t be phone banking today.

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