Barak Obama, President or Dictator?

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I have a question.  A question many are beginning to mumble out loud.  How do dictators gain power?  It is mind-boggling to me that I entertain such a question.  Never before have I questioned whether the elected president of the United States loved his country and all of its people.  However, in light of the recent ugly battle over the implementation of socialized healthcare I find myself alarmed that the President of the United States is acting less like an American president and more like an American dictator…I didn’t know there was such a thing.

Prospective presidents do not set themselves in front of Greek columns and display openly their intention to be worshipped. (1)

Presidents do not act like mobsters, openly bribing, threatening and politically rough handling elected legislators. Dictators do. 

American presidents who respect the American election process do not warn congressmen/women vote for my bill and I guarantee you will not lose your House seat; by implication a NO vote will be a loss of their legislative career.  I thought the American PEOPLE decide who is elected to represent them not the president. Dictators rig elections to keep themselves in power.

Presidents do not challenge congressman/women; indirectly implying give me your allegiance, follow me,do what I say and I will provide for your most essential need…I will turn on your water.(2)  Ask yourself how an American president has the power to turn the water off in the first place and push thousands of California farmers into bankruptcy. Dictators have that power.

Statesman American presidents do not attempt to seize control of the banks, the auto industry, education, health care, immigration and US borders, trade, and the natural resources of his country to advance his agenda.(3) Dictators do.

American Presidents do not seize control of waterways and refuse citizens the right to fish.(4)  Dictators do.

These are just a few of the “transformations” that have occurred over the last year.  The twists and turns have been so many, now happening by the hour, it would take pages to detail the intricacies,connecting the dots of the Democratic Socialistic coupé taking place. 

If I had all day to list all the things I have learned these past few months about the slimy administration that has infiltrated the very heart of America I would.  However, I don’t have the time.  I must wash up my red, white, and blue shirts; grab my poster board and markers; prepare food; gas up the SUV; and prepare my children that we are travelling to our nation’s capital tomorrow to take our stand with thousands of fellow free Americans.

On the way, I will explain to my children that they may witness the most important historical event of their lifetime…the beginning of the second American Revolution.  The first American Revolution was fought against tyranny from afar. The current American Revolution is targeted at ousting tyranny from within.

Just like the Trojan horse of old…our horse was wheeled right into the heart of our great city, under cover of intentional suppression of truth by media compatriots with the grandest and most expensive of fanfare. The only difference between our “Obama horse” and the Trojan horse of Troy…the Greeks opened their doors of destruction in the blackness of night.  Our undoing is happening in plain sight.

A statesman president would never push his own agenda to such a level that the very people he has taken an oath to protect would be spontaneously compelled to storm his political home with intensity, fearing they are a hair’s length away from losing their freedom.  However, a dictator does not care about personal liberties of his/her people.


I do not believe you are asleep.  You are afraid. You reason, it would be better for you to not know.  You say to yourself, “if I don’t listen I will not know and if I don’t know I am not accountable. If I am not accountable I share no guilt in remaining silent.”

You say to yourself, “What difference can I make anyway?” Well, I’ve got news for you! Two million Tea Party/912 American patriots can not win this war for you all by our selves. Nor should we.

You hear the sirens, you see the fire ablaze in the city, you KNOW there is danger. You are Not stupid, asleep or deaf!  If you are reading these words and feel stirred at all in your heart then you do have a part in this.  Get on your knees and ask God what your part is.

For those of you that know and follow the Bible, God has given us strict instruction in the book of Romans of the New Testament…render to God what is God’s and render to Caesar what is his.  Until this moment I had no fear of what I would have to render to Caesar.  Now, I realize, not only do we have a Caesar in the White House but I may be required to render to him my very liberty and life.

Declaration of Independence, US Constitution… Caesar Barak Obama….your choice…your consequences.





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My Secret Life as a Campaign Groupie

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I have a secret.  Something I think I’ve only ever mentioned to my husband.  I have always secretly wished to work on a political campaign.  Since, I’m the most ignorant of all persons about the political process and the least polished of un-professional politicos my chances of that ever happening were, well, rather slim.

Then Barak Obama was selected as our 44th President and the Tea Party Revolution was born. I’m not sure but I think there were Tea Partier’s around prior to the inauguration of Obama but after that sad day there was NO question that the Tea Party/912 Movement was going to thrive.

I have since wondered why we (my husband and myself) didn’t know about our local Tax Day Tea Party Rally April 15, 2008 but then I remember I was in the Caribbean marrying the first of our three daughters. Our first encounter with the Tea Party Movement was in DC, September 12, 2009, a day I will never forget. If the collective energy of that miles wide gathering had been encapsulated in a rocket booster it might have been enough to launch the Space Shuttle.

As, I have stated in earlier posts my husband and I returned home to our lefty liberal district in upstate NY scratching our heads and itching in other places, wondering what difference we might make.  We immediately felt like the runt ants of the litter in the ant hole. We had no idea HOW to get involved.

Soon we formed a local 912/Tea Party Meetup group. While having meetings and continuing to attend ObamaCare protests and various other rallies encouraged us greatly we became increasingly aware that these events would not bring about the real changes we desired to see in our local, state, and national government systems.

Had our first meet with the Tea Party Movement not also coincided with an election year my secret wish might not be a reality.  Not only is this an election year but this is most likely the most important non-presidential election year in the last fifty years or possibly the history of our young US Republic.

We realized we must pivot and do more than complain about the current state of affairs.  We had to become active and we encouraged the members of our 912 group to consider pivoting with us.  We were painfully aware that we had NOT been concerned citizens soon enough…back when the snowball of crushing tax burdens and loss of liberty was small and not a hair’s length from rolling over us, leaving us bruised, victimized and demoralized.

We had been complacent, ignorant, and too busy to care much, let alone get involved.  I have to be honest, before this last year I couldn’t tell you who my state senator was or my US congressman.  I didn’t even know what congressional district I lived in.  And, Assembly District? What’s that?

I had never gone to a town board meeting, didn’t know that I was supposed to represent my party as a precinct committeeperson in my neighbor, and did not know the name of a single party “who’s who” in my district.

I did, however, pride myself that I knew that the little building in the middle of my dilapidated town was where I showed up once every two years to cast my very important vote.  I felt so relieved each time I entered that building, pulled the lever, and voted, sometimes for people I had never heard of.  But, what did that matter?  I had cast my vote, accomplishing my civic duty because I made sure I cast my vote for my party…right down the line…R?, click, R?, click, R?, click.

Well, not this past election cycle of November 2009.  I got up early that day, drove to the little stone building, and instead of signing in I asked the nice little ole’ lady,who had the auspicious job of making sure I was who I said I was, if I could have a ballot list.  I didn’t even know it was called a ballot list. I asked her for the piece of paper that told me who was running, that’s how pathetic I was.

The little ole’ lady looked a little disappointed I wasn’t going to sign her book…she was desperately trying to stay awake;  not much action in our little town.  “NO,” I said, “I’m not voting just yet but I’ll be back later.”

I returned later to cast my more informed vote after I having googled every candidate on that ballot list and checking them out thoroughly. When I left the stone building that evening not only did I “feel” relieved I had done my civic duty, I “knew” I had done my civic duty.  I was getting smarter.

Now, how does this fit into my secret wish to work on a campaign?  Well, as I educated myself about the candidates on the ballot that day I began to explore what candidates were running in the 2010 elections. I educated myself about my state senators, my state congressmen, my assembly district, my US senators and US congressmen. I shared this information with my husband.

About that time another Tea Party group in our region was having a Meet & Greet for a candidate running  for Congress representing our district.  He is running against a nine term incumbent congressman who is, to say the least, a career politician and did not host one Town Hall Meeting in the summer of 2009 when we, his constituents, needed to hear from him and voice our concerns about the presidents supposed bill to improve the care of our health. I call that cowardice at its best.

My husband and I had never been to a Meet & Greet for a candidate, any candidate, let alone a candidate for the US Congress.  We listened to his platform stump.  We observed his demeanor.  We listened to the questions other attendees asked. I took many notes.

After, the meeting we introduced ourselves to this candidate.  We let him know of our interest in learning more of his platform and possibly helping him in our community. My husband and I talked all the way home about how much we instinctively liked this man but we needed to be wiser than we once were and take it slow.  We decided to research this candidate before we rushed to do anything for him.

Well, that was three months ago and we are now full-fledged supporters (mostly volunteer time and energy) of this man’s campaign for the US Congress. 

I will be writing more about my experiences as I walk a path I’ve  never walked before; the path into political activism. Along the way, I’m sure I’ll will make mistakes but that doesn’t bother me.  I know I will learn a great deal and that energizes me.

What have I learned so far?

Groupie Rule # 1.  Don’t whine about politics if you don’t plan on doing anything to change it. Educate yourself.  Take a stand for something.  Get active.  Support SOMEONE!

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Father America, Obama’s New Hat

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Is there any hat too big, too honorable that President Barak Obama doesn’t feel his head is too small to fill? I mean, good grief Charlie Brown? Is he for real?

All that was missing from Obama’s State of the Union address last night was the piously perched on the rim of the nose bifocals!  Nothing like being lectured by the new Father of America.  Of course, Father America, elitist Barack Obama, ninety-seven references to I, knows best for America. When are we stupid Americans going to get that and stop being such rebellious, ungrateful children?  Please.

I’ve seen Obama wear many hats but this one is too much for me.  I wasn’t going to watch the State of the Union address.  Lately, I can’t even stand to hear his pompous voice, let alone watch his condescending demeanor and body language.  Whoever is handling him needs to reconsider pushing his overreaching confidence. He just comes across as arrogant and out of touch which, is okay for the nerdy, pimpled senior classmen running for Mr.. Senior class, but not for our President.

In an effort to step above all the rest of us he just keeps stepping ON the rest of us! If you doubt that, check out the look on Judge Alito’s face when Obama dissed the High Court. Did Obama really? Yes, he did. That’s something else his handlers might want to work on too, being polite in public social settings, not to mention make sure his has facts straight. I wonder how many friends Obama has left.

After the address, my husband and I mused about the lecture we had just received from our Commander-in-Chief and we were glad we decided to check in. For us, it is America’s best reality show.  Before Obama took the podium we wondered what he would do.  How will he address his plummeting approval ratings, the stalling of his most prized Obama Health Care Bill, massive job shortages, and the accelerating national debt? Will he come out swinging? Or will he at least attempt a show of humility and acceptance that he’s missed it with millions of his people? Which Obama will appear on our TV screen this evening, we wondered?

Well, suspense ended, he came out swinging.  He swiped at just about every class and institution of American life.  He chided us and threatened retribution upon us if we don’t get in line with his agenda. After all, he is only doing these things for our own good.

If I wasn’t having so much fun watching Obama bloviate in self-glory, knowing there is no more height for him to climb, only a downward tumble, I’d cry.  This is our country, for heaven’s sake. We are the American people!  We haven’t been completely mind controlled yet.  We can still see, hear, and think for ourselves.  For most of us we are not so morally dark or stupid that we can’t reason or discern a truth from fraud.

Let’s be clear….all those people that attended the 2009 Tax Day and Tea Party Rallies and the 912 DC rally went home, formed Tea Party/912 groups (some small and some quite large), supercharged other conservative political activist groups in their communities, put up websites to pass information, and returned to DC when called for are NOT stepping down, backing away, or turning the other cheek anymore. Of course, we will fight our fight, with civility, humility and hopefully God’s help.

First, we will continue to ask simple questions like, “Just show us the official papers that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you are eligible to be our Commander in Chief?” and “Why, Mr.President, do you continue to paint America as the world’s enemy?” We will continue to educate American’s about the truth of Cap and Trade and ObamaCare, namely it’s true goal of nationalizing every part of American life in order to bring us in line with the global agenda. Well, I am not European, I am American!

Now that we all know where we stand, let the games begin….November 2010 is right around the corner.

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Victory for Scott Brown vs Defeat of Obama’s Agenda

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Boo Hoo…I’m really having a hard time feeling sorry for arrogant, elitist, progressive liberals today.  From my point of view, the victory of Scott Brown for US Senator was less the result of a Republican win over a  Democratic loss, or even the result of Massachusetts voter’s overwhelming disdain for the Health Care bill. It was about respect.  It was about respect for the American voice that was repeatedly mocked and ignored at town halls, house and senate visits, and through continual emails and faxes.  

This loss for the democratic party is about representatives not scheduling town hall meetings at home while on break; it’s about a congresswoman taking a cell phone call in the middle of a concerned citizens questioning at a town hall; it’s about declaring the US in no longer a Christian nation; it’s about calling freedom loving Americans  “tea baggers” and Astroturf and Nazi wackos; it’s about shutting down your phone lines so your constituents can not leave messages; it’s about calling 1.7 million flag waving, passionate Americans who rallied at the steps of the Capitol in DC an angry mob of thousands; it’s about bringing the 911 terrorists to NYC when New Yorkers pleaded it would be emotionally traumatic for them; it’s about those acting like monarchs instead of servants telling the American people they are going to get what they want one way or another.

The victory of Scott Brown truly is an updraft in the stirring peaceful American revolution of the twenty-first century.  It isn’t the beginning…no, that started years ago by those that, even before Barack Obama the coming socialist takeover of the country and took action.  But, Brown’s win is a huge victory in the battle to preserve our Constitution and restoration of our democratic republic.  Laura Ingram, on her radio broadcast, yesterday morning aptly put it this way, “Scott ushered in a more perfect Union, a Union unified against Obama change.”

 Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” I can’t think of a more profound statement of absolute truth.  God does have a way of sorting it all out.

Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s elitism, and the general disease of the Democratic Party’s arrogance is what ushered in the victory for Scott Brown.  I say this because; I believe there were a lot of Republican conservatives that voted for Scott Brown even though they knew a vote for him might be a vote against their moral convictions, seeing that Senator Scott Brown is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.  A great deal of democrats voted for him too.

My husband wisely noted Scott Brown was right for Massachusetts. If only twelve to seventeen percent of Massachusetts’s  voters are registered Republican , which doesn’t necessarily guarantee they are true conservative, it is likely the majority of those voters were fiscal conservatives and less moral conservatives and were not offended by Brown’s pro-gay marriage pro-choice platform. It’s safe to say the rest of the roughly 1.8 million that voted in the special election were comfortable with his moderate, to the left of center Republicanism. I look to see Massachusetts gradually shift to a more centrist conservative base.

Many weeks ago, I observed President Obama’s cute, but very prominent, derriere being plastered on global TV.  As he bowed low to every dictator he could find, I was truly appalled and embarrassed for him and our country.  To me it seemed that while Obama was groveling to world leaders he was at the same time “mooning” hardworking, America loving Americans back home. Because I know God to be a just God I trust he will deal with President Obama.  If God wishes Barack H. Obama to become a great leader of this country, and I do too, He will not allow him to continue to walk in such blatant and hurtful arrogance.  When one falls as far as Barack Obama’s agenda has…you can be sure pride was lurking around somewhere.

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Thank goodness for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid!

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Thank goodness for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid! Their charade of endless arrogance and snobbery is just what sit-at home, closet American patriots needed to get off their duffs and out the door to the nearest Tea Party or 912 rallies.  Finally, real American passion is being reignited for the American dream.  It’s a beautiful sight to behold and I, for one, am glad  I am witnessing it!

What is going on in this country is “historic” to quote the man, Barack Obama, himself.  It dwarfs the 1994 Contract with America. Maybe, I was just too ill-informed or ignorant of politics in 1994 but I don’t remember that election being hailed as a crisis of potential loss of American liberties and rights.  If it was, I just don’t remember it.  I was too busy raising children to be responsible, respectful, and patriotic Christian Americans.   However, that is how I view the current state of affairs, as an American crisis.  And to take a page from radicalism, we are foolish if we miss an opportunity to take advantage of this American crisis. 

The time for preparation is over.  The time for battle is now. We have dragged out our history books, dusted them off and reminded ourselves why we are angry. We are angry because the miracle of the First American Revolution is an arm’s length away from being taken from us.  Now is the time to put your forthrightness to the test.  Stop screaming at your TV and pc and instead get active, get involved, and get fired up! Call your friends, form a tea party or 912 group, find out how to become a committeeperson in your local precinct, help a conservative candidate win an election, or join your school board.

We are literally hanging on a precipice. It reminds me of the silly, but fun,  movie RV starring  Robin Williams . William’s RV gets stuck perched atop the pinnacle of the mountain and sways precariously back and forth.  It was either going forwards or that RV was swinging backwards. Either way, the ride was going to bumpy and a little too fast for comfort.

Now, we all know movies are predominately forms of fantasy.  They do, after all, need to be entertaining in order for average Americans to shell out large amounts of money to watch them. But, willingly living  in a perpetual fantasy world makes us ripe for mind control and oppression. What is going on in our country isn’t a funny script line in a fantasy Hollywood movie.  No matter how much Mr. Obama walks, talks, and acts like a celebrity, he is NOT a celebrity and I am not entertained by his need to be loved by thugs over his need to do his job which is protect the liberties of American citizens not seize them.  What is it Queen Elizabeth is reported to have said on more than one occasion?  “We are not amused.”

I am not amused by his push to federalize, over-regulate, and over-tax everything I do; from what kind of toilet paper I can use, to what doctor I can see, to how much food, and what kind of food, I can eat, to how many children my children can have, to what television station or radio show I can listen to, to what size car I can drive, house I can live in, fabric my clothes can be made of, and on and on.  The backside of this RV is loaded down with enough freedom-sucking goodies  that the entire vehicle is in real danger of being dragged backwards down the mountainside into oblivion. 

But I am holding on to some Jeffersonian optimism and choosing to believe that American will not let that happen.

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