Will Americans Let America Die?

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I had the opportunity last Saturday to take part in an online Constitution Town Hall offered by Hillsdale College. I’ve since heard there were over 100,000 webcast participants, not to mention the live audience. It was marvelously done and offered free of charge.  Anyone can now access the days classes on their website at http://www.tvworldwide.com/events/hillsdale/100130/.

I eagerly anticipated being reconnected to my American roots; having my memory refreshed with the history of the founders and founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I looked forward to being educated about the Bill of Rights, Lincoln’s handling of the Constitution during the Civil War, the progressive era of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, progressive ideology and the political climate I live in today.

What I didn’t anticipate was the overwhelming sadness I felt as the day came to a close.  It descended on me like a melancholy cloud thick enough to linger for several hours.  I can only describe it as profound sadness for my country. It felt to me as if the America I read about in my history books as a child and the America I had the privilege of maturing in might really be dying. You might say I’m being over-dramatic but, I don’t think so.

In my opinion, America has travelled so far away from what the framers of our Republic would have hoped for us.  I could say we have travelled so far from what they could have imagined for us.  But that would not be a truthful statement. It wouldn’t be truthful because, the founders knew the dangers inherent in preserving the type of society and government they penned on those yellowed parchments.

I know this simply by reading their personal writings.  It is clear they understood that what they had put forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was something new, something bold. The framers of our American heritage were not illiterate, uneducated men. They were historians, economists, inventors, amateur scientists, skilled politicians, attorneys and honorable statesmen.

They studied profusely philosophy, literature, and histories of the rise and fall of great civilizations. Even though, they may not have all been church attendees, they studied the Holy Bible and acknowledged the Living God as creator, extolling the virtues of His written Word. They formed their personal and political beliefs from the writings of the Bible and from great men and shapers of history from antiquity forth to their generation.

As I listened to the lectures being presented, I realized that the magnificent words they penned set the standard by which every American, as a citizen, claims to live by. However, they didn’t just set the standard for us they set the standard for themselves too.  They pledged everything they owned and were, including their very lives, to each other in their common fight for freedom.

When greatness falls, it falls hard. This country has been great. There are parts of it that are still great. There are people in it that are truly remarkable. The founding documents have not changed. We have changed how we live by them.

Free America will not survive this recent revolution, this testing of her very essence of light and hope in a hurting world, until the majority of Americans restore fondness for her and honor to our founding documents. Americans must get out their history books and pocket Constitutions and, if they profess to be Christians, their Bibles and go back to school.

I wonder if the founders of our nation found strength and encouragement from the profound stories of Jesus. He demonstrated when to draw the line in the sand and how to take a stand.

Americans must refresh themselves with the history of the greatness of freedom and the tragedy of life without it. But, not just that. More Americans must soon take a stand for the restoration of our Constitution and liberties.  Until then, I don’t believe we will be able to push back the sweeping tide of the Europeanization of America with all its oppressive socialistic programs and godlessness. Will Americans let America die?

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