Barak Obama, President or Dictator?

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I have a question.  A question many are beginning to mumble out loud.  How do dictators gain power?  It is mind-boggling to me that I entertain such a question.  Never before have I questioned whether the elected president of the United States loved his country and all of its people.  However, in light of the recent ugly battle over the implementation of socialized healthcare I find myself alarmed that the President of the United States is acting less like an American president and more like an American dictator…I didn’t know there was such a thing.

Prospective presidents do not set themselves in front of Greek columns and display openly their intention to be worshipped. (1)

Presidents do not act like mobsters, openly bribing, threatening and politically rough handling elected legislators. Dictators do. 

American presidents who respect the American election process do not warn congressmen/women vote for my bill and I guarantee you will not lose your House seat; by implication a NO vote will be a loss of their legislative career.  I thought the American PEOPLE decide who is elected to represent them not the president. Dictators rig elections to keep themselves in power.

Presidents do not challenge congressman/women; indirectly implying give me your allegiance, follow me,do what I say and I will provide for your most essential need…I will turn on your water.(2)  Ask yourself how an American president has the power to turn the water off in the first place and push thousands of California farmers into bankruptcy. Dictators have that power.

Statesman American presidents do not attempt to seize control of the banks, the auto industry, education, health care, immigration and US borders, trade, and the natural resources of his country to advance his agenda.(3) Dictators do.

American Presidents do not seize control of waterways and refuse citizens the right to fish.(4)  Dictators do.

These are just a few of the “transformations” that have occurred over the last year.  The twists and turns have been so many, now happening by the hour, it would take pages to detail the intricacies,connecting the dots of the Democratic Socialistic coupé taking place. 

If I had all day to list all the things I have learned these past few months about the slimy administration that has infiltrated the very heart of America I would.  However, I don’t have the time.  I must wash up my red, white, and blue shirts; grab my poster board and markers; prepare food; gas up the SUV; and prepare my children that we are travelling to our nation’s capital tomorrow to take our stand with thousands of fellow free Americans.

On the way, I will explain to my children that they may witness the most important historical event of their lifetime…the beginning of the second American Revolution.  The first American Revolution was fought against tyranny from afar. The current American Revolution is targeted at ousting tyranny from within.

Just like the Trojan horse of old…our horse was wheeled right into the heart of our great city, under cover of intentional suppression of truth by media compatriots with the grandest and most expensive of fanfare. The only difference between our “Obama horse” and the Trojan horse of Troy…the Greeks opened their doors of destruction in the blackness of night.  Our undoing is happening in plain sight.

A statesman president would never push his own agenda to such a level that the very people he has taken an oath to protect would be spontaneously compelled to storm his political home with intensity, fearing they are a hair’s length away from losing their freedom.  However, a dictator does not care about personal liberties of his/her people.


I do not believe you are asleep.  You are afraid. You reason, it would be better for you to not know.  You say to yourself, “if I don’t listen I will not know and if I don’t know I am not accountable. If I am not accountable I share no guilt in remaining silent.”

You say to yourself, “What difference can I make anyway?” Well, I’ve got news for you! Two million Tea Party/912 American patriots can not win this war for you all by our selves. Nor should we.

You hear the sirens, you see the fire ablaze in the city, you KNOW there is danger. You are Not stupid, asleep or deaf!  If you are reading these words and feel stirred at all in your heart then you do have a part in this.  Get on your knees and ask God what your part is.

For those of you that know and follow the Bible, God has given us strict instruction in the book of Romans of the New Testament…render to God what is God’s and render to Caesar what is his.  Until this moment I had no fear of what I would have to render to Caesar.  Now, I realize, not only do we have a Caesar in the White House but I may be required to render to him my very liberty and life.

Declaration of Independence, US Constitution… Caesar Barak Obama….your choice…your consequences.





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Well, I’ve had this blog page for two days now. And for two days I have puzzled over how to begin. The task of writing a blog seems a little daunting to me.  I don’t even have a title yet. But, I’m tenacious so I figured I just needed to type the first word and go from there. So, here is my first blog.

I am a proud American.  Not always proud of what America does. Not always proud of how Americans act to one another but, I am so proud and blessed to have been born in America. My husband and I have recently become involved in the Tea Party/ 912 movement in this country, after attending the 912 DC Rally along with 1.7 million other awesome Americans!  I have not ever felt the emotion of true patriotism as I felt it that day; marching down PA avenue carrying the American flag in front of me; looking side to side, front to back, as people spilled into every crevice of street and building, visible all the way down the Avenue.  It moved me.

We didn’t want to leave the lawn that afternoon but our stomachs were empty. Waiting in line at a local restaurant we asked to be seated outside, as did another couple from Indiana. We shared a table. In the midst of that three-hour conversation it became apparent my husband and I would come home and commit to do what we could to stop our country from slipping into Marxism.  In fact, we had already committed ourselves by even going to DC. Once we jumped on board the Tea Party Express (not the real Tea Party Express Bus organization!) we were hooked. We didn’t have a clue what our part in the movement would be or if there was even going to still be a “movement” after we all left DC and went to our respective states.

We came home, got online and searched for Tea Parties in our own community.  Today, four months later, we run a 912 group and belong to several other Tea Party groups and we have participated in many other rallies since 912 DC.  We are doing our part through phone calls, emails, precinct involvement, and contributions to help good candidates get elected now and in November. We are amazed to see this grassroots effort grow stronger every day.

However, even with all this positive enthusiasm and patriotic networking I have become increasingly torn, inside…like a double-minded man.  You see, I am not just an American.  I am a Christian American.  I am not just a proud American.  I am a “proud to be Christian” American. We love titles and labels in the USA so, I am giving myself one.

I am beyond fortunate to have been raised in a hardworking middle-class Christian family. I was taught respect for the authority God placed over me foremost, God’s authority and sovereignty in my individual life; respect for any elders; and esteem for wise elders; a good work ethic (if you don’t work you don’t eat); that the family is the institution of the Lord and is blessed by Him; that mother’s should be nurturers not just task managers; wives are equal to husbands in worth in God’s eyes but have different responsibilities.  Wives manage all affairs within the function and organization of the home.  Husband’s bring in the money to provide, and they cooperate with their wives in managing the home, discipline the kids and take on their God-given responsibility to discern what is best for the family and make the really tough decisions. I thank God he didn’t lay that burden on me. 

As a proud to be Christian American, I don’t’ see any way to restore America to her former greatness without Christ.  I just don’t see how that is possible.  America has been protected by God’s Spirit over the past two centuries because of the followers of Jesus Christ living within her borders; those that worship Him; those that pray without neglect for American and Americans; those that left and are leaving a Christian legacy to their children and grandchildren.  God is interested in Godly offspring…look it up…That is what He desires….that His People produce offspring that also worship and honor Him.  I see this slipping in America. Have American Christians failed to do what He requires?

One day I was on the phone praying with a friend after watching a piece of news that troubled my spirit.  My friend and I prayed…”Oh, God have mercy on our country, protect us, bless us, etc”.  Then, I returned to watching TV and was immediately confronted with a news story about a so-called Christian University providing a film class on the study of Vampires.  The teacher, and one of her students, was being interviewed.  I was sickened.

“Oh, God…,” it hit me.  How can I even approach Your throne and ask You to intercede for this country; bless and prosper this country when WE have turned our backs on Your Truth, Holiness, and Goodness.  When, as a nation, we pray and ask for Your help in times of need but refuse to stop participating in things You detest. Each time we do that we are using You. We are abusing Your longsuffering; taking Your longstanding loving smile on America as license to continue down a path of disobedience and wickedness. And, I don’t’ see the mainline churches doing much, if anything, to stand against the tide of sinful behavior in their memberships either.  It’s truly disheartening.

If believer’s in Jesus Christ in America succumb to the enjoyment of watching and participation in  witchcraft, vampirism, were-wolfism, occult, sexual perversion, and the following of new age mystic practices under Christian labels how can we even consider ASKING God to spare our country from His chastisement? Would we expect any different from our earthly fathers if we were rebellious and disrespectful?!

What good is it, really, for my husband and I to spend long hours and money to work for the preservation our country, as we have experienced, AND fight for the God crafted American Constitution if in our hearts we KNOW this country needs to be judge?   What are we asking God to preserve?   What are we asking God to rescue? To restore?   Even if, my husband and I believe we are to fight, we can’t fight a victorious fight unless we’ve got God on our side; all three of them: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit!  God is the ONLY ONE I want to take me into battle…ANY BATTLE…for His is the ONLY true force sufficient for ALL victory.  Otherwise, whatever we stick out there is going to get whacked!  If God is not leading this army of fed up, impassioned, and active Americans who is? And where are we going with this?

In the wake of the destruction from a violent earthquake in Haiti yesterday and the poor, poor condition of that country NO American, no matter how poor or mistreated can say with a straight face we have had to endure what the Haitian people have endured and are enduring this very moment.  Some say Haiti made a pact with the devil centuries ago.  There is no evidence to back that claim up but it is true Haitians predominately practice a form of occult voodoo worship. My husband and I travelled a few years back to the Dominican Republic and the place we stayed at hired Haitian workers.  We could see the difference in them and the people of the DR.  The Haitian’s we observed had a depth of darkness in their eyes that made us grieve for them and be a little frightened.  I came home to research Haiti a little and found them to suffer from intense poverty, AIDS, and despair in many ways. I wonder could the voodoo worship of many, not all, Haitians have something to do with their constant misery? If so, what has happened in Haiti could happen here.  Make no mistake about it.  A Holy God cannot be in the presence of wickedness. A Holy God will not continue to bless a nation that turns her back on Him through compromise and apathy and blatant mockery and blasphemous language. You do NOT have to be a follower of the Holy, Living, Creative God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but, blaspheme Him and there is nothing but pity for you.  On a side note, I, sincerely, grieve for all Haitians today at their devastating loss and pray for them. 

I have been blessed. I have been blessed by a MIGHTY GOD.  All Americans have been blessed by a Mighty God because those He calls HIS PEOPLE.  When adversity hits the shores of America, HIS PEOPLE pray and HE listens. But, will we continue to live rightly before Him?

So, how can I be a patriotic American without being a patriotic Christian American? I can’t.

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