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My Secret Life as a Campaign Groupie

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I have a secret.  Something I think I’ve only ever mentioned to my husband.  I have always secretly wished to work on a political campaign.  Since, I’m the most ignorant of all persons about the political process and the least polished of un-professional politicos my chances of that ever happening were, well, rather slim.

Then Barak Obama was selected as our 44th President and the Tea Party Revolution was born. I’m not sure but I think there were Tea Partier’s around prior to the inauguration of Obama but after that sad day there was NO question that the Tea Party/912 Movement was going to thrive.

I have since wondered why we (my husband and myself) didn’t know about our local Tax Day Tea Party Rally April 15, 2008 but then I remember I was in the Caribbean marrying the first of our three daughters. Our first encounter with the Tea Party Movement was in DC, September 12, 2009, a day I will never forget. If the collective energy of that miles wide gathering had been encapsulated in a rocket booster it might have been enough to launch the Space Shuttle.

As, I have stated in earlier posts my husband and I returned home to our lefty liberal district in upstate NY scratching our heads and itching in other places, wondering what difference we might make.  We immediately felt like the runt ants of the litter in the ant hole. We had no idea HOW to get involved.

Soon we formed a local 912/Tea Party Meetup group. While having meetings and continuing to attend ObamaCare protests and various other rallies encouraged us greatly we became increasingly aware that these events would not bring about the real changes we desired to see in our local, state, and national government systems.

Had our first meet with the Tea Party Movement not also coincided with an election year my secret wish might not be a reality.  Not only is this an election year but this is most likely the most important non-presidential election year in the last fifty years or possibly the history of our young US Republic.

We realized we must pivot and do more than complain about the current state of affairs.  We had to become active and we encouraged the members of our 912 group to consider pivoting with us.  We were painfully aware that we had NOT been concerned citizens soon enough…back when the snowball of crushing tax burdens and loss of liberty was small and not a hair’s length from rolling over us, leaving us bruised, victimized and demoralized.

We had been complacent, ignorant, and too busy to care much, let alone get involved.  I have to be honest, before this last year I couldn’t tell you who my state senator was or my US congressman.  I didn’t even know what congressional district I lived in.  And, Assembly District? What’s that?

I had never gone to a town board meeting, didn’t know that I was supposed to represent my party as a precinct committeeperson in my neighbor, and did not know the name of a single party “who’s who” in my district.

I did, however, pride myself that I knew that the little building in the middle of my dilapidated town was where I showed up once every two years to cast my very important vote.  I felt so relieved each time I entered that building, pulled the lever, and voted, sometimes for people I had never heard of.  But, what did that matter?  I had cast my vote, accomplishing my civic duty because I made sure I cast my vote for my party…right down the line…R?, click, R?, click, R?, click.

Well, not this past election cycle of November 2009.  I got up early that day, drove to the little stone building, and instead of signing in I asked the nice little ole’ lady,who had the auspicious job of making sure I was who I said I was, if I could have a ballot list.  I didn’t even know it was called a ballot list. I asked her for the piece of paper that told me who was running, that’s how pathetic I was.

The little ole’ lady looked a little disappointed I wasn’t going to sign her book…she was desperately trying to stay awake;  not much action in our little town.  “NO,” I said, “I’m not voting just yet but I’ll be back later.”

I returned later to cast my more informed vote after I having googled every candidate on that ballot list and checking them out thoroughly. When I left the stone building that evening not only did I “feel” relieved I had done my civic duty, I “knew” I had done my civic duty.  I was getting smarter.

Now, how does this fit into my secret wish to work on a campaign?  Well, as I educated myself about the candidates on the ballot that day I began to explore what candidates were running in the 2010 elections. I educated myself about my state senators, my state congressmen, my assembly district, my US senators and US congressmen. I shared this information with my husband.

About that time another Tea Party group in our region was having a Meet & Greet for a candidate running  for Congress representing our district.  He is running against a nine term incumbent congressman who is, to say the least, a career politician and did not host one Town Hall Meeting in the summer of 2009 when we, his constituents, needed to hear from him and voice our concerns about the presidents supposed bill to improve the care of our health. I call that cowardice at its best.

My husband and I had never been to a Meet & Greet for a candidate, any candidate, let alone a candidate for the US Congress.  We listened to his platform stump.  We observed his demeanor.  We listened to the questions other attendees asked. I took many notes.

After, the meeting we introduced ourselves to this candidate.  We let him know of our interest in learning more of his platform and possibly helping him in our community. My husband and I talked all the way home about how much we instinctively liked this man but we needed to be wiser than we once were and take it slow.  We decided to research this candidate before we rushed to do anything for him.

Well, that was three months ago and we are now full-fledged supporters (mostly volunteer time and energy) of this man’s campaign for the US Congress. 

I will be writing more about my experiences as I walk a path I’ve  never walked before; the path into political activism. Along the way, I’m sure I’ll will make mistakes but that doesn’t bother me.  I know I will learn a great deal and that energizes me.

What have I learned so far?

Groupie Rule # 1.  Don’t whine about politics if you don’t plan on doing anything to change it. Educate yourself.  Take a stand for something.  Get active.  Support SOMEONE!

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Will Americans Let America Die?

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I had the opportunity last Saturday to take part in an online Constitution Town Hall offered by Hillsdale College. I’ve since heard there were over 100,000 webcast participants, not to mention the live audience. It was marvelously done and offered free of charge.  Anyone can now access the days classes on their website at

I eagerly anticipated being reconnected to my American roots; having my memory refreshed with the history of the founders and founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I looked forward to being educated about the Bill of Rights, Lincoln’s handling of the Constitution during the Civil War, the progressive era of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, progressive ideology and the political climate I live in today.

What I didn’t anticipate was the overwhelming sadness I felt as the day came to a close.  It descended on me like a melancholy cloud thick enough to linger for several hours.  I can only describe it as profound sadness for my country. It felt to me as if the America I read about in my history books as a child and the America I had the privilege of maturing in might really be dying. You might say I’m being over-dramatic but, I don’t think so.

In my opinion, America has travelled so far away from what the framers of our Republic would have hoped for us.  I could say we have travelled so far from what they could have imagined for us.  But that would not be a truthful statement. It wouldn’t be truthful because, the founders knew the dangers inherent in preserving the type of society and government they penned on those yellowed parchments.

I know this simply by reading their personal writings.  It is clear they understood that what they had put forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was something new, something bold. The framers of our American heritage were not illiterate, uneducated men. They were historians, economists, inventors, amateur scientists, skilled politicians, attorneys and honorable statesmen.

They studied profusely philosophy, literature, and histories of the rise and fall of great civilizations. Even though, they may not have all been church attendees, they studied the Holy Bible and acknowledged the Living God as creator, extolling the virtues of His written Word. They formed their personal and political beliefs from the writings of the Bible and from great men and shapers of history from antiquity forth to their generation.

As I listened to the lectures being presented, I realized that the magnificent words they penned set the standard by which every American, as a citizen, claims to live by. However, they didn’t just set the standard for us they set the standard for themselves too.  They pledged everything they owned and were, including their very lives, to each other in their common fight for freedom.

When greatness falls, it falls hard. This country has been great. There are parts of it that are still great. There are people in it that are truly remarkable. The founding documents have not changed. We have changed how we live by them.

Free America will not survive this recent revolution, this testing of her very essence of light and hope in a hurting world, until the majority of Americans restore fondness for her and honor to our founding documents. Americans must get out their history books and pocket Constitutions and, if they profess to be Christians, their Bibles and go back to school.

I wonder if the founders of our nation found strength and encouragement from the profound stories of Jesus. He demonstrated when to draw the line in the sand and how to take a stand.

Americans must refresh themselves with the history of the greatness of freedom and the tragedy of life without it. But, not just that. More Americans must soon take a stand for the restoration of our Constitution and liberties.  Until then, I don’t believe we will be able to push back the sweeping tide of the Europeanization of America with all its oppressive socialistic programs and godlessness. Will Americans let America die?

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Glenn Beck, America’s School Teacher 2

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We’ll Glenn Beck did not disappoint me this evening with the first of hopefully many lessons on Marxism, socialism, and the progressive ideology many would like to see implemented in this country.  I found his documentary profound and enlightening.  I hope he plans to continue with a series.

Today, as I was rabbit trailing on the web, I read a comment on a blog site that said something to the effect that the reason Obama’s agenda has failed is because he misread America. America is NOT a socialist country. We don’t think like socialists  and we don’t want to live like socialists. That’s NOT the fundamental change we are going to tolerate.

If that offends you, maybe, you should think about moving out of the country because I predict it is only going to become more uncomfortable for you in the months and years to come.  The discomfort for you will be beyond anything you thought you could bear under George W Bush.

It is hypocritical to hate this country, slander it publically all the while continuing to suck off it’s breast of opportunity, prosperity, and liberties. My suggestion would be for you to move somewhere else where you won’t have to live against your sacred anti- just- about- everything –good and decent moral principles.

America IS waking up and is poised to clean up the mess created by to much toleration, political correctness and apathy.  Our grandchildren may very well talk of this time as the second great American revolution; the fight to keep freedom. It reminds me of the Old Testament story where dry bones came to life as muscle, bone, tissue and skin re-emerged from lifelessness to form, not just one man but, an army of men.

I’m not particularly fond of replacement history; replacing the traditional study in our children’s textbooks of Self-sacrificing leaders such as Washington, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King with the study of butchers like Hitler, Che, and Mao. In fact I want the rich history of our country put back in our schools!

I want my children to be taught the importance and symbolism of the pledge of Allegiance and respect for the American Flag,  I want them to know the words to our national anthem and be able to sing it proudly. And if they want to place their hand over their heart they can do that too and it not be a crime against the state.

I’m absolutely sure President Obama and the left wing ideologues would never have envisioned that the “change”  they would see in America would actually be a revival of biblical proportions.  America’s dry bones are rattling and we’re looking for some muscle to get us through this next battle for the preservation and restoration of all things purely American.

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Well, I’ve had this blog page for two days now. And for two days I have puzzled over how to begin. The task of writing a blog seems a little daunting to me.  I don’t even have a title yet. But, I’m tenacious so I figured I just needed to type the first word and go from there. So, here is my first blog.

I am a proud American.  Not always proud of what America does. Not always proud of how Americans act to one another but, I am so proud and blessed to have been born in America. My husband and I have recently become involved in the Tea Party/ 912 movement in this country, after attending the 912 DC Rally along with 1.7 million other awesome Americans!  I have not ever felt the emotion of true patriotism as I felt it that day; marching down PA avenue carrying the American flag in front of me; looking side to side, front to back, as people spilled into every crevice of street and building, visible all the way down the Avenue.  It moved me.

We didn’t want to leave the lawn that afternoon but our stomachs were empty. Waiting in line at a local restaurant we asked to be seated outside, as did another couple from Indiana. We shared a table. In the midst of that three-hour conversation it became apparent my husband and I would come home and commit to do what we could to stop our country from slipping into Marxism.  In fact, we had already committed ourselves by even going to DC. Once we jumped on board the Tea Party Express (not the real Tea Party Express Bus organization!) we were hooked. We didn’t have a clue what our part in the movement would be or if there was even going to still be a “movement” after we all left DC and went to our respective states.

We came home, got online and searched for Tea Parties in our own community.  Today, four months later, we run a 912 group and belong to several other Tea Party groups and we have participated in many other rallies since 912 DC.  We are doing our part through phone calls, emails, precinct involvement, and contributions to help good candidates get elected now and in November. We are amazed to see this grassroots effort grow stronger every day.

However, even with all this positive enthusiasm and patriotic networking I have become increasingly torn, inside…like a double-minded man.  You see, I am not just an American.  I am a Christian American.  I am not just a proud American.  I am a “proud to be Christian” American. We love titles and labels in the USA so, I am giving myself one.

I am beyond fortunate to have been raised in a hardworking middle-class Christian family. I was taught respect for the authority God placed over me foremost, God’s authority and sovereignty in my individual life; respect for any elders; and esteem for wise elders; a good work ethic (if you don’t work you don’t eat); that the family is the institution of the Lord and is blessed by Him; that mother’s should be nurturers not just task managers; wives are equal to husbands in worth in God’s eyes but have different responsibilities.  Wives manage all affairs within the function and organization of the home.  Husband’s bring in the money to provide, and they cooperate with their wives in managing the home, discipline the kids and take on their God-given responsibility to discern what is best for the family and make the really tough decisions. I thank God he didn’t lay that burden on me. 

As a proud to be Christian American, I don’t’ see any way to restore America to her former greatness without Christ.  I just don’t see how that is possible.  America has been protected by God’s Spirit over the past two centuries because of the followers of Jesus Christ living within her borders; those that worship Him; those that pray without neglect for American and Americans; those that left and are leaving a Christian legacy to their children and grandchildren.  God is interested in Godly offspring…look it up…That is what He desires….that His People produce offspring that also worship and honor Him.  I see this slipping in America. Have American Christians failed to do what He requires?

One day I was on the phone praying with a friend after watching a piece of news that troubled my spirit.  My friend and I prayed…”Oh, God have mercy on our country, protect us, bless us, etc”.  Then, I returned to watching TV and was immediately confronted with a news story about a so-called Christian University providing a film class on the study of Vampires.  The teacher, and one of her students, was being interviewed.  I was sickened.

“Oh, God…,” it hit me.  How can I even approach Your throne and ask You to intercede for this country; bless and prosper this country when WE have turned our backs on Your Truth, Holiness, and Goodness.  When, as a nation, we pray and ask for Your help in times of need but refuse to stop participating in things You detest. Each time we do that we are using You. We are abusing Your longsuffering; taking Your longstanding loving smile on America as license to continue down a path of disobedience and wickedness. And, I don’t’ see the mainline churches doing much, if anything, to stand against the tide of sinful behavior in their memberships either.  It’s truly disheartening.

If believer’s in Jesus Christ in America succumb to the enjoyment of watching and participation in  witchcraft, vampirism, were-wolfism, occult, sexual perversion, and the following of new age mystic practices under Christian labels how can we even consider ASKING God to spare our country from His chastisement? Would we expect any different from our earthly fathers if we were rebellious and disrespectful?!

What good is it, really, for my husband and I to spend long hours and money to work for the preservation our country, as we have experienced, AND fight for the God crafted American Constitution if in our hearts we KNOW this country needs to be judge?   What are we asking God to preserve?   What are we asking God to rescue? To restore?   Even if, my husband and I believe we are to fight, we can’t fight a victorious fight unless we’ve got God on our side; all three of them: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit!  God is the ONLY ONE I want to take me into battle…ANY BATTLE…for His is the ONLY true force sufficient for ALL victory.  Otherwise, whatever we stick out there is going to get whacked!  If God is not leading this army of fed up, impassioned, and active Americans who is? And where are we going with this?

In the wake of the destruction from a violent earthquake in Haiti yesterday and the poor, poor condition of that country NO American, no matter how poor or mistreated can say with a straight face we have had to endure what the Haitian people have endured and are enduring this very moment.  Some say Haiti made a pact with the devil centuries ago.  There is no evidence to back that claim up but it is true Haitians predominately practice a form of occult voodoo worship. My husband and I travelled a few years back to the Dominican Republic and the place we stayed at hired Haitian workers.  We could see the difference in them and the people of the DR.  The Haitian’s we observed had a depth of darkness in their eyes that made us grieve for them and be a little frightened.  I came home to research Haiti a little and found them to suffer from intense poverty, AIDS, and despair in many ways. I wonder could the voodoo worship of many, not all, Haitians have something to do with their constant misery? If so, what has happened in Haiti could happen here.  Make no mistake about it.  A Holy God cannot be in the presence of wickedness. A Holy God will not continue to bless a nation that turns her back on Him through compromise and apathy and blatant mockery and blasphemous language. You do NOT have to be a follower of the Holy, Living, Creative God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but, blaspheme Him and there is nothing but pity for you.  On a side note, I, sincerely, grieve for all Haitians today at their devastating loss and pray for them. 

I have been blessed. I have been blessed by a MIGHTY GOD.  All Americans have been blessed by a Mighty God because those He calls HIS PEOPLE.  When adversity hits the shores of America, HIS PEOPLE pray and HE listens. But, will we continue to live rightly before Him?

So, how can I be a patriotic American without being a patriotic Christian American? I can’t.

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