pro life, What is your Choice? Part 3

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I do not believe the government should have the right to control reproduction in any form. Neither, do I believe throwing money at special interest groups is the way to stop girls and women from aborting their unwanted babies. The only way to stop rampant abortion is to change personal conviction.

That will happen when one by one people come face to face with the atrocity of abortion; like the woman who, until recently, worked for Planned Parenthood, advocating for abortion rights until the day she actually viewed the horrific procedure on a television monitor. Today, she is a strong advocate for the rights of the pre-born. God made good out of evil.

Coming face to face with the horror of the abortion procedure may not even be enough to persuade some people this is an abominable practice. Many in American have become hardened and apathetic to pain, torture and brutality so,the bombing of abortion clinics does nothing to soften them to the plight of  the pre-born. True Right to Lifers do not condone these extremist acts but their cause is tainted by them.

In my opinion, abortion can not be legislated, especially, until abortion is called what it is, a crime against humanity. At the moment women are free to choose to keep a pregnancy or terminate a pregnancy based solely on her personal, moral and/or religious convictions. 

In this way, the fight against abortion is seen by many as a crisis of conscious and not a criminal act. This same crisis of conscious is seen as propaganda put forth by right wing Christian zealots who, supposedly want to subjugate women. Why should woman NOT be subjugated to the same laws of crime others are subjugated to. 

No, the pro-life issue must stay a moral and religious issue  i.e., a sin issue. How do we legislate sin?  To legislate sin you must follow the One that determines what sin is and on this issue we can agree,  American’s are truly divided. A woman need only to reject the One that would set such restrictions on her mind and body and then there is no real crisis of conscious.

Maybe, it’s just me but I don’t get the mantra “My body, my choice”. What does that really mean? If my body is connected to another body and  life sustaining fluid is running through and between us than I don’t entirely “own” my body all to myself, do I?  I’m sharing.  And lets be clear, babies don’t just jump into female uterus’s.  By individual choice they are invited there

Maybe I’m not as trendy as the next person but, I wouldn’t consider purposefully terminating  another living being’s life if I wasn’t willing to, also, sacrifice mine. To me this seems the height of hypocrisy. How many of us born to single moms (or in my case, to a mom neatly married before my birth) or born with some impediment asked our mothers why they were so stupid when they had a nice way out?

I have recently become involved in the Tea Party/ 912 movement. I have noticed that a large majority of the people I’ve met  are strongly opinionated advocates for the rights of the pre-born. However, I have also noticed that as the Tea Party movement has become more cohesive it has purposefully decided not to make the pro-life issue one of its main three platform issues.

Lower taxes, less government and free trade are the table legs supporting  the Tea Party platform.  At first this puzzled me and in fact I overheard many say they would have a hard time supporting the Tea Party movement if the pro-life issue was not included in the movement’s platform. But, I see the wisdom in the Tea Party’s thinking. When conservatives regain House and Senate seats in the coming elections many of those filling those seats will be pro-life conservatives.  Their moral convictions and integrity will have an impact in our ongoing campaign against abortion. This scares the “pooh” out of liberal, fanatic, better-get-out-of-our-way-pro-choicers!

No one can take a life without God’s permission.  It seems unconscionable that God would allow this. But God allows many wicked things.  One day He will deal with evil for the last time and all mankind will answer to Him for their deeds. If I didn’t believe this I would despair.

I lost a baby once. He died at 17 weeks in my womb. I asked my doctor allow me dilation and delivery instead of a D & C. It was an uncomfortable procedure but I was determined to preserve my baby’s dignity. When I delivered my son the nurses cleaned him, wrapped him in a blanket and put a tiny beanie on his head. As they laid him in the palm of my hand, my husband and I noticed he had his tiny left hand placed over his chest. We named him Seth David, the David for King David who’s whole heart was for God.

My husband and I marveled at how well formed he was at that young age, each extremity in place and fingers all fully formed, ears and genitals visible. It was hard to leave Seth David at the hospital and go home but we wouldn’t have changed that experience for anything. I will see him again. God gives life and God takes away and I am thankful I’ve chosen to leave that decision up to Him.


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God loves the babies. Save them!

God bless Seth David’s little heart!

Good commentary.

Alot of women were duped into believing the “pro-choice” lie and unfortunately learned the hard way, that abortion not just ends the lives of innocent babies, it also hurts women.

Abortion hurts women physically, emotionally and spiritually. Post abortive women experience the same symptoms as Post Traumatic Stress syndrome patients. This is a fact that needs to be amplified.

So, even though the topic is uncomfortable and not the main concern of the electorate who are concerned more about big government (which is also important!) it still needs to be considered when making decisions about supporting candidates for public office.

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