Father America, Obama’s New Hat

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Is there any hat too big, too honorable that President Barak Obama doesn’t feel his head is too small to fill? I mean, good grief Charlie Brown? Is he for real?

All that was missing from Obama’s State of the Union address last night was the piously perched on the rim of the nose bifocals!  Nothing like being lectured by the new Father of America.  Of course, Father America, elitist Barack Obama, ninety-seven references to I, knows best for America. When are we stupid Americans going to get that and stop being such rebellious, ungrateful children?  Please.

I’ve seen Obama wear many hats but this one is too much for me.  I wasn’t going to watch the State of the Union address.  Lately, I can’t even stand to hear his pompous voice, let alone watch his condescending demeanor and body language.  Whoever is handling him needs to reconsider pushing his overreaching confidence. He just comes across as arrogant and out of touch which, is okay for the nerdy, pimpled senior classmen running for Mr.. Senior class, but not for our President.

In an effort to step above all the rest of us he just keeps stepping ON the rest of us! If you doubt that, check out the look on Judge Alito’s face when Obama dissed the High Court. Did Obama really? Yes, he did. That’s something else his handlers might want to work on too, being polite in public social settings, not to mention make sure his has facts straight. I wonder how many friends Obama has left.

After the address, my husband and I mused about the lecture we had just received from our Commander-in-Chief and we were glad we decided to check in. For us, it is America’s best reality show.  Before Obama took the podium we wondered what he would do.  How will he address his plummeting approval ratings, the stalling of his most prized Obama Health Care Bill, massive job shortages, and the accelerating national debt? Will he come out swinging? Or will he at least attempt a show of humility and acceptance that he’s missed it with millions of his people? Which Obama will appear on our TV screen this evening, we wondered?

Well, suspense ended, he came out swinging.  He swiped at just about every class and institution of American life.  He chided us and threatened retribution upon us if we don’t get in line with his agenda. After all, he is only doing these things for our own good.

If I wasn’t having so much fun watching Obama bloviate in self-glory, knowing there is no more height for him to climb, only a downward tumble, I’d cry.  This is our country, for heaven’s sake. We are the American people!  We haven’t been completely mind controlled yet.  We can still see, hear, and think for ourselves.  For most of us we are not so morally dark or stupid that we can’t reason or discern a truth from fraud.

Let’s be clear….all those people that attended the 2009 Tax Day and Tea Party Rallies and the 912 DC rally went home, formed Tea Party/912 groups (some small and some quite large), supercharged other conservative political activist groups in their communities, put up websites to pass information, and returned to DC when called for are NOT stepping down, backing away, or turning the other cheek anymore. Of course, we will fight our fight, with civility, humility and hopefully God’s help.

First, we will continue to ask simple questions like, “Just show us the official papers that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you are eligible to be our Commander in Chief?” and “Why, Mr.President, do you continue to paint America as the world’s enemy?” We will continue to educate American’s about the truth of Cap and Trade and ObamaCare, namely it’s true goal of nationalizing every part of American life in order to bring us in line with the global agenda. Well, I am not European, I am American!

Now that we all know where we stand, let the games begin….November 2010 is right around the corner.


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well done!

Hi, I could not watch the show–written by someone else,, ahandler you well call it –wouldn’t be unexpected if it were a wrestling match–but sadly it isn’t!!! Anyway, I have the thought that the destruction of
America goes on daily as they put up new red flags for us to fight and attack– I think the smart people ought to help us to take America back to the words of the Constitution..in the meantime I started last Feb. typing about 8 words per min.. I think I’m up to 25 or 30!!!! And the fight for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness continues… God Bless Mary Ann/John

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