Pro-life, What is your choice? Part 2

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Originally, this blog post was only going to be a quick opinion on the pro-life movement, as I see it, considering the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and the March for Life rally at DC.  Because, I am attempting to be kind to my readers and keep my posts under 800 words and, partly, because the issue has exploded on the national news scene in the last few days, I am making this a three part piece.  Here are my continuing thoughts on the subject.

What is the choice in pro-choice? What is it pro-choice women want to be able to choose?  Does the choice in the pro-choice movement guarantee you the right to choose or rather, is their primary agenda to force their pro-abortion choice on all Americans? Exploding this controversy, once again, on to the national stage is the breaking news story concerning Florida football player Tim Tebow. Tebow is asserting his constitutional rights and moral convictions by choosing to appear in a pro-life advertisement with his mother, sponsored by the Christian organization Focus On the Family to be aired during the upcoming Super Bowl.

The immediate grumbling from the pro-abortion groups would lead a person to believe they had viewed the advertisement, finding it to be offensive to their cause.  But, in reality, they haven’t even seen the add. They are arrogantly offended by the very fact that the add is simply going to be seen by millions of Americans; the story of a woman’s choice, many years ago, to choose life for her now celebrity son. I thought the choice in “pro-choice” meant a woman could choose life or death for her pre-born baby.  Or is the choice really only a choice to choose death via a multitude of abortion procedures, some more violent than others.

As to Tim Tebow, should he, as a successful young man and role model, not have the freedom to choose which side of the abortion issue he supports? And not only that, but, what about the American people. Are we so simple minded and fickle that we would chunk our convictions one way or the other by a simple 30 second advertisement?

What is it the pro-abortionists fear about this simple 30 second add? They fear the truth slipping out. They fear millions of Americans typing Tebow, abortion, and pro-life, into their internet browser during the next Super Bowl commercial break.   It won’t be but a few short minutes before the gripping reality hits.  There are many many pictures on line that will confirm, in startling clarity, life in the inner world of the womb is majestic, mysterious and real.  It is the world where the most fragile and innocent among us live.

While the answer to the pro-life/pro-choice debate seems simple to me, it isn’t for millions of Americans.  It goes deep, deep down into the very fabric of all we hold dear…namely, self. The argument of when life is actually viable life clouds the issue and is absurd. What does it matter? By the very debate one is acknowledging it is LIFE! Not, a swishing mound of mush, as I have already stated in my first post on this topic.

Self-centeredness and self -preservation are at the root of the abortion crusade. Self-preservation against the loss of youthful looks, loss of income and opportunities, and forced responsibility. What I don’t see happening is the preservation against inevitable consequences. And, do not be deceived, there are the potential for significant mental, emotional and physical consequences as a result of taking another’s life whether intentional or unintentionally.

And don’t even tell me millions of abortions are necessary because a case just might present itself whereby a woman may risk dying due to complications giving birth.  Please, that argument is so stale. Have you ever thought that a mother might rather die in childbirth if it meant giving life to her child?

I truly am ashamed that anyone thought they were doing me a favor to give me the right to kill. What next, a women’s right to eat her young if it would keep her from starving in times of intense hunger?

Women have been given a pass on this criminal activity.  But, I don’t hold them totally responsible.  No, I hold as accessory to crime, all the fathers, boyfriends, and husbands who willingly dropped their daughters, girlfriends, and wives off at the local abortion clinic on a fine Friday afternoon.

If women want to exterminate their young I call them barbarians and their actions barbaric. They will not escape the consequence of their actions. Few if any do.  Some day a greeting card will arrive with a beautiful picture of an infant, or the would have been mother will be introduced to a little curly headed boy or girl roughly the age of her child, were he or she living; or she may fall victim to painful irregular menses or possible sterility.

I am interested in whether women are being given the whole truth about the pro-choice propaganda machine.  Choice may not necessarily mean you have the choice to choose life.


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I hope that this message will bring hope and healing to women and not the type of condemnation and ridicule that so many have cynically come to expect. That would be the kind of thing that could truly bring people together instead of politicizing this issue and dividing us further. Anything less would be a disappointment.

Save the babies. If we cant stand for the weakest, then we are no better then animals. Save the Babies!

Pro-choice women are soooo afraid. That women who bought “this is my right, no big deal, did it on my lunch hour, etc” have been left with the mental, if not physical scars of abortion. I spent 15 years as a volunteer couseling the preg. poor, and those who had abortions and were heartsick…this was back in the 80’s and 90’s. Now with sonograms…the “blobs” can be seen….If I were the “pro-choice” advocates…I would be afraid too. The truth will stand on it’s own.

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