“Glenn Beck is Gorgeous!”

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“Glenn Beck is gorgeous!” That’s what one of my readers exclaimed in a private comment to one of my recent posts. Do ya think? I thought.  I have to admit I was a tad jealous I didn’t think to say it first.  It’s true. There’s just no way around it.  Glenn Beck is a hunk.  I’d say he’s hot but then my husband might raise one of his “ole man” bushy eyebrows and tell me it’s not becoming for a middle-aged woman to gush so.

I don’t know if I’ve ever cared very much what wardrobe other male TV journalists choose to wear when they promptly appeared on the stage of my electronic idol perched in a very special place in my bedroom. Honestly, they all look cookie-cutter professional to me. But, when it comes to Beck it matters. Hip “tennies”, right fitting jeans, crisp white or blue (to match his eyes) button down collared shirts, and sports jackets finished off nicely with an assortment of cherry red ties.  Ahhhh…, we’re ready for school.

Not only is Beck a snappy dresser but he’s spunky too. I just can’t resist his full-of-energy bounce down the studio steps to “if you…..,stand up America and come with me….”  I’m so there.

And while I’m on the subject of all things Beck, if Glenn has a tummy pooch I don’t see it.  He’s either wearing a man girdle or he’s suffering from false humility. Have your peanut M&M’s, Glenn and stop exercising your cute under chin, it only makes you more attractive.

I wonder how many other women out there that feel the way I do about Glenn Beck.  For me, he just came out to nowhere riding in on his….well, I don’t know what he rode in on but, I do know, he rode in from nowhere and he saved the day.  That day was the day I would otherwise have become overwhelmed with dispair at the change I saw unfolding before my eyes.

This year-long and clandestine love affair has changed the way I think, who I hang with, where I spend my energies, and the way I view celebrity men.

Heck, I thought, I should just start a Glenn Beck Fan Club. I pondered this for a few minutes until it occurred to me the country has one already.  Every local, national, or on-line Tea Party group bearing the names Glenn Beck, 912, We Surround Them, and Live Free or Die, is a member of the Glenn Beck Fan Club, and there are zillions of them.

The hodge-podge membership of the national Glenn Beck Fan Club is a topic for another day, maybe tomorrow, who knows, but, today I just want to revel in our auspicious leader.

Did you ever happen to see the musical Bye Bye Birdie?  Remember, when Birdie comes to town and the whole female community, young and old, collectively swoon at his appearance? Or how about Indiana Jones, the third episode, and one of my favorite movies ( Sean Connery is second hunk in my book), when the school girls flash their painted eyelids with love messages at Indy.  Well, need I go on?

It’s obvious I like Glenn Beck and not just for his professional journalist ability to pierce right to the tiniest core of any issue, lay it bare, and then rather succinctly explain how it fits into the bigger picture.  No, it’s more than that for me.  He’s just fun to be with everyday from 5pm to 6pm ET and I look forward to it, even if he doesn’t know I’m here.  And, by the way, my hubby has assured me that the title to his first blog, should he ever chose to write one, will be titled, “Sarah is Definitely Hot!”


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Yes, Glenn Bleck is gorgeous I agree!! I am convinced he would have been my soul mate, if only we had met when we were younger.

Smart, funny, good looking, what’s not to like?

Maybe I’m too young for Mr. Beck, because if you asked me… Anderson Cooper is where it’s at. Talk about 360, that silver fox can run circles around me any day!

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