Glenn Beck, America’s School Teacher

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I don’t know if you think very much of Glenn Beck.  You may have heard he’s a ranting lunatic who has his own TV and radio show, and he actually cries!  I can’t even remember how it is I got tuned in to the Glenn Beck show on Fox News at 5pm (originally at 4pm).  I believe I watched his very first show but didn’t realize it was his first. 

My first reaction was to be instantly attracted to Beck’s little-boy-next-door good looks.  He reminded me of a grown up Ralphie, pink boy character of the infamous Christmas Story.  I’m guessing Glenn Beck hears that a lot.

I actually thought his buzzed blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes, and stocky frame was a nice addition to the otherwise cultured appearance of all the other Fox News anchor men. Next, I was attracted to Beck’s zaniness.

I’m not sure when this zaniness hooked me but, I think it might have been when, on a nightly show, Beck ripped off a trench coat, or some such thing, to reveal his white knobby knees in a Swiss Yodeler’s outfit. A very pretty blue to match his eyes, no less!   I nearly spit out my favorite mixed drink, half diet coke, half regular cherry coke, added to cut the calorie-free taste.

Well, that was it. That little escapade immediately captivated me and I reached for my remote and punched in the channel number to my DVR, assuring myself I would never miss another episode.

Recently, Glenn Beck celebrated his one year anniversary with Fox News.  I salute him.  Not only has he made it a year at Fox, he is leading the ratings, second only to Bill O’Reilly, I think, unless The Glenn Beck Show has surpassed The Factor and I didn’t realize it.

Over the last year I have noticed a slow but gradual change in Beck’s demeanor and show. He’s not as zany anymore. Nine months prior to the 912 DC Rally, Beck cried frequently and seemed generally disturbed by what he was reporting.  I truly believe it was his heartfelt, gut-wrenching crying fits that motivated a great deal of the 1.7 million Americans to take the trip to DC, put their reputations on the line and march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol building.

Beck was a great motivator.  He was, and still is, a fire cracker or fire starter, which ever you prefer. As the year progressed, Glen become less a motivator and more a long distance friend, every day saying what a great deal of us couldn’t say publically…that our country is in deep “doo-doo” and we’re scared.

For months, I cringed every time I clicked my DVR watch list to pull up his most current show.  What new horror would be revealed by this episode? What new trauma would be inflicted on me by my President and representatives?  If I, as a middle-aged, middle-class, hard-working, moral citizen was being disenfranchised, mocked or ignored in some way I could rely on Beck to route it out and diagram it on his dusty chalkboard. If anyone wants an excuse to stay on Prozac, all they have to do is watch ongoing episodes of the Glenn Beck show.

Now, I’m not hooked on Prozac or any anti-depression or anti-anxiety medication. Believe me, I thought about it a few times this year!  No, I’m just hooked on Fox News and more especially hooked on, Steve, Gretchen, Brian, Meghan and what’s his name (another brown-haired anchor), Neil, Glenn,Shepherd, Bill, Sean, and Greta.  Did I leave anyone out?  Oh, Yeah, I sometimes watch the six o’clock beltway gang too.  Great job, Brit!

Back to Beck, recently I had a discussion with my husband about something I learned on the Glenn Beck Show.  We talked about the media and about the upcoming special election in Massachusetts and the impact The Glenn Beck Show has had on the conservative Tea Party movement in general. 

As I detailed to my husband my view, I articulated something I really believe is truth. What makes Glenn Beck different from all other journalists/news reporters or anchormen is Glenn Beck is an educator. Glenn Beck is educating the American people about all things American, past, present, and future. I have learned things I didn’t know, or have simply forgotten.

Glenn Beck is America’s school teacher!

If you doubt it, ask yourself, if you watch the Glenn Beck Show, how much of what you know today about the Constitution, liberties, elections, progressivism, past and current US President’s political agenda’s, worldwide tyrants, climate change, economics, special interest groups and entitlement programs, etc., did you know a year ago.  I rest my case. Teaching is a gift and Beck has it in spades.

And since, Glenn Beck has chosen to pick up chalk and board, and continue to teach, I will be his student.  I cannot wait for our next  lesson scheduled to air tonight; Becks first documentary. If I could figure out how to get past his massive security, I’d send my teacher a shiny red and juicy apple.  Wouldn’t you?


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i am with you on all points .I have learned a lot from him also but often wonder if the frustration i often feel after watching him is worth it. I have a hard enough time staying off anti depressants with out watching him. I thank God for giving me the strength to forge ahead and I thank Him for Glenn. We,as a nation have kept our heads in the sand long enough. I ask Father God to please protect Glenn and his family and give him the wisdom to teach us what you would have us learn.

Great Blog! Yes, Glen Beck has captivated our nations patriots. I cant get enough of his real deal style.

I thought I was the only one who watches FOX news like an addict!

Glenn Beck is attractive because he’s just like any one of us. He’s the kind of guy where a handshake means something, and most importantly, he tells the truth!

Beck show a teaching lesson? For sure.

saw the tailend of his documentary this evening – dead on – have an 8 year and am grateful that my Dad is still alive so he is able to hear the “real history” of the world…. oh and private school tuition is worth every dime…

I absuluteley agree. I have a high regard for teachers regardless of the problems that other teachers doing.

I came from a dictatorship country and I know how it is to be full curtailed from freedom. I became a tea party member in my little American town. And I’m proud of it, and I sending my blessing to Glen Beck. I love him he is great and you too. Thank you.

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