Victory for Scott Brown vs Defeat of Obama’s Agenda

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Boo Hoo…I’m really having a hard time feeling sorry for arrogant, elitist, progressive liberals today.  From my point of view, the victory of Scott Brown for US Senator was less the result of a Republican win over a  Democratic loss, or even the result of Massachusetts voter’s overwhelming disdain for the Health Care bill. It was about respect.  It was about respect for the American voice that was repeatedly mocked and ignored at town halls, house and senate visits, and through continual emails and faxes.  

This loss for the democratic party is about representatives not scheduling town hall meetings at home while on break; it’s about a congresswoman taking a cell phone call in the middle of a concerned citizens questioning at a town hall; it’s about declaring the US in no longer a Christian nation; it’s about calling freedom loving Americans  “tea baggers” and Astroturf and Nazi wackos; it’s about shutting down your phone lines so your constituents can not leave messages; it’s about calling 1.7 million flag waving, passionate Americans who rallied at the steps of the Capitol in DC an angry mob of thousands; it’s about bringing the 911 terrorists to NYC when New Yorkers pleaded it would be emotionally traumatic for them; it’s about those acting like monarchs instead of servants telling the American people they are going to get what they want one way or another.

The victory of Scott Brown truly is an updraft in the stirring peaceful American revolution of the twenty-first century.  It isn’t the beginning…no, that started years ago by those that, even before Barack Obama the coming socialist takeover of the country and took action.  But, Brown’s win is a huge victory in the battle to preserve our Constitution and restoration of our democratic republic.  Laura Ingram, on her radio broadcast, yesterday morning aptly put it this way, “Scott ushered in a more perfect Union, a Union unified against Obama change.”

 Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” I can’t think of a more profound statement of absolute truth.  God does have a way of sorting it all out.

Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s elitism, and the general disease of the Democratic Party’s arrogance is what ushered in the victory for Scott Brown.  I say this because; I believe there were a lot of Republican conservatives that voted for Scott Brown even though they knew a vote for him might be a vote against their moral convictions, seeing that Senator Scott Brown is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.  A great deal of democrats voted for him too.

My husband wisely noted Scott Brown was right for Massachusetts. If only twelve to seventeen percent of Massachusetts’s  voters are registered Republican , which doesn’t necessarily guarantee they are true conservative, it is likely the majority of those voters were fiscal conservatives and less moral conservatives and were not offended by Brown’s pro-gay marriage pro-choice platform. It’s safe to say the rest of the roughly 1.8 million that voted in the special election were comfortable with his moderate, to the left of center Republicanism. I look to see Massachusetts gradually shift to a more centrist conservative base.

Many weeks ago, I observed President Obama’s cute, but very prominent, derriere being plastered on global TV.  As he bowed low to every dictator he could find, I was truly appalled and embarrassed for him and our country.  To me it seemed that while Obama was groveling to world leaders he was at the same time “mooning” hardworking, America loving Americans back home. Because I know God to be a just God I trust he will deal with President Obama.  If God wishes Barack H. Obama to become a great leader of this country, and I do too, He will not allow him to continue to walk in such blatant and hurtful arrogance.  When one falls as far as Barack Obama’s agenda has…you can be sure pride was lurking around somewhere.


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