What to Do With Scott Brown?

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It is a strange question and a puzzling place I find myself in.  I live in a state that neighbors Massachusetts. I am involved in the Tea Party and 912 movements. I get continuous email threads that support candidate Scott Brown. These Tea Party/ 912 groups predominantly have members who are fiscally, socially and morally conservative.  In my experience, most Tea Partier’s I have come in contact with support the right of the pre-born to experience life outside the womb.

So, as I watched the Tea Party/912 movement line up to endorse candidate Scott Brown of Massachusetts, running to fill the senate seat left vacant by deceased senator Ted Kennedy I enthusiastically jumped on board.  My initial perusal of his campaign platform seemed legitimate enough to have secured my approval that he is a “true conservative”. My husband and I sent money to the Scott Brown “money bomb” campaign. I signed on for his “phone from home” campaign, watched my tutorial on line and was ready to invest my time to help him, …until I received an email that linked an editorial that disclosed Brown’s pro-choice views.  I was stunned.  How is it I missed that? I asked myself.  Where did I get the idea that Scott Brown was pro-life?  What I gleaned from the article was that Brown is pro-choice but, anti- partial birth abortion. 

Now, I really am not all that excited about having to open that whole can of worms, but needless to say since I am troubled, I have too.  I have to because I decided not to make calls from home for Scott Brown based on the revelation of his pro-choice stance.  I don’t know if I were a resident of Massachusetts if I could vote for him.  Good thing I live across the state line! But soon enough, I know I will face that same dilemma in a race here in New York, where my vote DOES count.

So, the can of worms for me has been opened and I have to deal with it. Is Scott Brown just the lesser of two evils?  I am reminded of an election a year and half ago that a vote for John McCain was a vote for the lesser of two of evils.  Others felt that a vote for Barack Obama was a vote for the lesser of two evils.

I have been, basically, bed ridden the last two weeks from double surgery to my foot. I am using my time wisely, though, and I have been watching documentaries and researching on line America’s founding fathers and our founding documents.  It has been a great refresher for me and I highly recommend all Americans do it, especially those Americans involved in the Tea Party/912 movement.  I agree with other educated American’s that say that part of the reason we are in this national crisis is because we have forgotten what America really stands for.

I, for one, had forgotten a great deal of my American heritage.  As I watched and listened to the words and history of the revolutionaries fighting against the tyranny of England, and subsequent formation of a fledgling new country, I was struck by the life and trials of Thomas Jefferson. 

Thomas Jefferson appeared, by his writings, to have held contempt for the slavery of Blacks however, he owned many slaves.  He attempted, on many occasions, to insert wording in founding documents and legislation that would have freed the slaves. He worded the Declaration of Independence so craftily that it is a mystery as to whether he included the black man in his, “all are created equal” or not, all the while continuing to own and buy and sell slaves.  His life appears to be one of some hypocrisy. 

But, Jefferson’s personal conflict is not the purpose of this writing. What is ….is the moral situation the early founding fathers found themselves in and how it relates to today…this New Tea Party revolution…this twenty-first century moral dilemma,… the rights of pre-born, living infants carried in the wombs of American women. 

To say you are pro-choice (approve of the termination and removal of a live human being from the womb) but are anti- partial birth abortion procedure is, to me, like Jefferson saying…. “slavery is an abomination to God however, I find no fault with owning numerous slaves…after all they are only 3/5 of a man, not wholly man…regardless of the fact that the Declaration of Independence regards “man” as being equal in God’s sight.  It is different sides of the same “darn” morally conflicted coin.  How can it be okay to kill innocent life but be disgusted only by the “way “a person disposes of that life.  I just don’t get it.

I think Thomas Jefferson may have been one of history’s most misunderstood icons.  I’m not sure, and we may never know, why he penned the Declaration of Independence in such vagaries and then lived his life in hypocrisy to it.  But, I suspect Jefferson knew the opposition to even the discussion of the abolition of slaves was a monumental task.  I wonder if he rationed that it was better to overturn one stone at a time and deal with the snake hidden underneath than overturn too many stones at one time and have to deal with a den of snakes.  There is evidence he rationed that the issue was just too volatile at the moment and not entirely necessary to solve ,nor should it impede the progress of forming a more perfect nation…that God would necessarily have to stir the hearts of his pro-slavery colleagues to see the enormous moral error of their ways.

I don’t know but, what I do know is history shows Jefferson to have enjoyed his privileged lifestyle more than his conviction to fight for the abolition of slavery.  He compromised his convictions, maybe out of pure selfishness maybe, out of a progressing lifestyle of apathy to the sufferings of others.

What does this have to do with Scott Brown? 

Maybe, nothing for hundreds of thousands, no millions of conservative Americans now rallying around him, but for me, it is principle. What am I going to do as a conservative Christian American when it comes to my endorsement of fiscal and social conservatives who support the termination and disenfranchisement of millions of innocent, forgotten, pre-born Americans?  I don’t know, yet. But, I know I’m going to pause and reflect for a bit and I won’t be phone banking today.

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