Thank goodness for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid!

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Thank goodness for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid! Their charade of endless arrogance and snobbery is just what sit-at home, closet American patriots needed to get off their duffs and out the door to the nearest Tea Party or 912 rallies.  Finally, real American passion is being reignited for the American dream.  It’s a beautiful sight to behold and I, for one, am glad  I am witnessing it!

What is going on in this country is “historic” to quote the man, Barack Obama, himself.  It dwarfs the 1994 Contract with America. Maybe, I was just too ill-informed or ignorant of politics in 1994 but I don’t remember that election being hailed as a crisis of potential loss of American liberties and rights.  If it was, I just don’t remember it.  I was too busy raising children to be responsible, respectful, and patriotic Christian Americans.   However, that is how I view the current state of affairs, as an American crisis.  And to take a page from radicalism, we are foolish if we miss an opportunity to take advantage of this American crisis. 

The time for preparation is over.  The time for battle is now. We have dragged out our history books, dusted them off and reminded ourselves why we are angry. We are angry because the miracle of the First American Revolution is an arm’s length away from being taken from us.  Now is the time to put your forthrightness to the test.  Stop screaming at your TV and pc and instead get active, get involved, and get fired up! Call your friends, form a tea party or 912 group, find out how to become a committeeperson in your local precinct, help a conservative candidate win an election, or join your school board.

We are literally hanging on a precipice. It reminds me of the silly, but fun,  movie RV starring  Robin Williams . William’s RV gets stuck perched atop the pinnacle of the mountain and sways precariously back and forth.  It was either going forwards or that RV was swinging backwards. Either way, the ride was going to bumpy and a little too fast for comfort.

Now, we all know movies are predominately forms of fantasy.  They do, after all, need to be entertaining in order for average Americans to shell out large amounts of money to watch them. But, willingly living  in a perpetual fantasy world makes us ripe for mind control and oppression. What is going on in our country isn’t a funny script line in a fantasy Hollywood movie.  No matter how much Mr. Obama walks, talks, and acts like a celebrity, he is NOT a celebrity and I am not entertained by his need to be loved by thugs over his need to do his job which is protect the liberties of American citizens not seize them.  What is it Queen Elizabeth is reported to have said on more than one occasion?  “We are not amused.”

I am not amused by his push to federalize, over-regulate, and over-tax everything I do; from what kind of toilet paper I can use, to what doctor I can see, to how much food, and what kind of food, I can eat, to how many children my children can have, to what television station or radio show I can listen to, to what size car I can drive, house I can live in, fabric my clothes can be made of, and on and on.  The backside of this RV is loaded down with enough freedom-sucking goodies  that the entire vehicle is in real danger of being dragged backwards down the mountainside into oblivion. 

But I am holding on to some Jeffersonian optimism and choosing to believe that American will not let that happen.


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Last year while watching the Late night news clips of Inaugeration Day events and listening 2 the speeches,my heart sank for the complacency (slumber) of which this country’s citizens have fallen into and the deceptions being presented/implemented under the guise of “CHANGE”.
The Word calls us
2-B “Cunning as a snake,inoffensive
as a dove”. Mssg Bible
What I saw and heard were subtle to say the least-yet spoke volumes LOUDLY and PROFOUNDLY!!

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