I Want the Emperor to Have No Clothes, Not Me!

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There are four days until the Massachusetts’s special election between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown.  I believe this race is a bull-horn foreshadow of what is to come next November in the national general election. I’m no expert; it’s just my un-professional professional opinion.  I believe Scott Brown is leading in the polls and may subsequently win the election NOT because Massachusetts voters are jumping to the Republican Party but because giving a vote to Scott Brown is, some how, symbolic to giving their very being.  I wonder if a renewed understanding of the power of the collective vote is registering with voters of Massachusetts. The expectation that their vote, a precious gift they can choose to give to whom they please, might save them.  And it looks like they realize what burden a wrong vote may, in years to come, place on themselves and their families. 

A levy of gushing sludge-laden water full of radical, progressive, socialist looking policies is racing to engulf the entire country. The rushing waters of this “let-lose” levy carry  with it all sorts of  double standards, broken promises, secrecy, back room deals, bribery, corruption, arrogance, and moral stench.

 I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Independent, Libertarian or nothing at all, if you are an elected representative of the American people that has placed its faith and trust in YOU and your service,  and you are participating in any of the political, financial and moral mess America finds itself enduring, I wish you a cold farewell and hope you get your butt whipped next November. 

This isn’t about parties.  It’s about principles! If we are the land of “entitlements” then I want my “entitlement” too, and I’m entitled to expect my vote to stand for something noble and produce something that benefits Americans and makes America safer, stronger, and sensible!

The Senate special election of Massachusetts’s next Tuesday and the vote next November is about the freedom to vote for freedom. I want freedom from the liberal overreaching of progressive socialism being systematically sown, stitch by stitch, into the very fabric of American life.  I don’t want their itchy, shrunken, misshapen, dirty garment, thank you very much.  I want the Emperor to have NO clothes, not me!

For the past year I have felt like the victim of a domestic terrorist attack only this attack was in my own home, through my TV and radio and an attack on my very emotional well-being. I literally have felt the words I’ve heard spoken, the bills I saw signed (in the dead of night, no less!) the plastic smiles and hidden promises to take our bibles, guns, kids, money, and jobs from us, were forming as a large arm coming through my TV or radio to choke the life out of me. Morning after morning, as I have powered up my pc or TV to view the current news of the day only to be repeatedly traumatized.  Traumatized by the morning news, for heaven’s sake!

But , today, after just hearing the new poll numbers in the race between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley, predicting a steady lead by Brown over Coakley, I am feeling better.  I am feeling strengthened and energized.  My chin is lifting a little higher, my eyes are sparkling a little brighter, and my breathing is improved. But, then again, there is always tomorrow’s morning news!

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