The vetting of Sarah Palin

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  Fox and Sarah Palin!  Two of my favorite things in one place!  And, if you didn’t catch the powerhouse Glenn Beck interview with Sarah last night on the Fox News you missed a great interview.  There is so much in that interview that tweaked my curiosity; primarily, his opening personal message to Sarah, challenging her strength of character and integrity.  In my own words, Beck asked Sarah to define what distinguishes her from any other ‘establishment” politician and why the American people should trust her.  

Why would Glenn even need to ask such a silly question of Sarah Palin, of all people?  Sarah, the great championing hero of “common sense solutions” to all that ails America now?  

Why? Because, We the American People, are wounded and weary in this year’s political battle.  It has been an ongoing, flagrantly insulting display of “snobbery” from our elected officials deliberately directed toward us, for a year now.  It’s getting old fast!  

It’s partly our fault, though. We, The People, didn’t check-in on our representatives when we sent them away from home to work in powerful offices.  We didn’t call and email, reminding them they were there to serve their community and state interests, not their own. We didn’t visit them and hold them accountable…. until we became angry. Americans have become smarter and more discerning in the last year. 

Americans are getting off the baby bottle and beginning to walk, albeit, fast walking! We have awaken to our responsibility of the sacrifice OUR time to insure we are informed, involved and supportive our leaders; demanding they stay with the agenda they campaigned on. 

Because, WE THE PEOPLE, now fully acknowledge our responsibility in this matter, Glenn pressed Sarah on it too. Essentially, he asked, “Will you, Sarah Palin, be able to go to Washington and NOT lose your soul?”  I’m not, entirely, sure what he meant by the phrasing of that question but ,I think he meant, will she loose who she is and her “common sense solutions” when she is confronted with the powerful machine of compromise and conformity that runs our government. I believe Glenn was asking her, “Sarah, if the American People should choose to send you to Washington any time soon, and  should you, while you are there, forget who you serve, how will you respond when the American people coming knocking on your door? 

I watched the interview twice. Each time, I was more mesmerized by the whole “set-up” of the interview; from the windowed room, to the Statue of Liberty in the background, to the soft-spoken and articulate conversation between them.  There was something about the interview that was familiar but, familiar only because of my recent involvement in the Tea Party/ 912 movements.  My ever-developing antennae of political discernment are on high alert these days!  As the evening went on, I reflected on Glenn’s, noticeably tentative but endearing, demeanor with Sarah.  I found myself wondering just what is he up too?  

Glenn Beck is vetting Sarah Palin.  He is vetting her for conservative America and in front of conservative America.  Not only that, Glenn Beck is vetting Sarah Palin for Christian America. I say this because of his deliberate questioning of her “real” faith.   [On a side note, this is the only time in the interview I was even tempted to be annoyed; when Mr. Beck ridiculed more “charismatic” Christian politicians and took the name of Jesus lightly. Mocking anyone for their expression of faith is just bad manners.] 

Back to Glenn and Sarah, I said I believe Glenn Beck is vetting Sarah Palin for America but, I wonder …is Glenn vetting Sarah for Glenn. There was chemistry between them…anyone with eyes and ears would have picked up on that.  But, it was not sensual.  It was something else. What is up with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin? 

I felt, almost, like I was watching an episode on a TV reality show (which I don’t’ watch but, if I did, I would imagine it would look like this!).  Watching a new reality show on how candidates size each other up before they decide to join forces and run for political office on the same ticket!  I didn’t feel this “chemistry”, which I think is really “patriotic passion” for our country, between Sarah and Sean Hannity, or Sarah and Bill O’Reilly, or any other interviewer I have watched her with.  But, I did sense it between her and Glenn Beck.  

Hmmm, Glenn Beck to CPAC….Sarah Palin to the Tea Party Nation Convention.  Am I crazy?  Are we seeing the beginning of a forging alliance between two polarizing, articulate, increasingly popular, and truly patriotic figures of our time? 

You go, Mr. Glenn Beck, continue to “vet” Sarah Palin, and we, the new, WE  THE PEOPLE will continue to vet you.

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